Wax your own junk

NewsBusters: Certain horrified Canadian female spa workers can rest easy today, after beating a court case that almost forced them to pay for refusing to wax the nether regions of a trans woman on account of the fact that “she” had very male genitals.

Jessica Yaniv, the infamous transgender plaintiff who sued female spa workers for “discrimination” for refusing to wax her male genitals, lost her civil rights court case this week. Yaniv, (birth name is Jonathan) claimed they had violated her human rights. She brought them before a British Columbia Human Rights tribunal with the charge that they were discriminating against her sex, whereas the workers felt they were being pressured to touch male genitals. more

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  1. There used to be Hospitals for the Insane.

    I keep harping on it, but it’s true. These clowns used to be incarcerated in rubber rooms. In darbies, and worse, strait waistcoats.

  2. Jonathan Yaniv was a nobody, do nothing, millennial. Who after receiving 100 participation medals, realized you really don’t have to do anything. 10 years later, doing nothing isn’t working for Jonathan, But, Jessica Yaniv, gets noticed, still doing nothing.
    How many views before he/she/it makes money?

  3. I would wax it with a 5 gallon bucket of real hot wax.
    Come on in Jessie, we have a one time deal for you, its a full skin peel, we are going to start with your balls, hope you can lick yourself when I am done.
    Yea I am going to get yelled at.

  4. no prob, Jussie Trudeau just got re-elected as Obama’s bitch-boy

    … Wax Jobs for everyone!

    (attention Canada … please turn in your ‘ManCard’ & report to the EU)

  5. Paint stripper will diapilate
    the nads just fine.The thick gel
    kind that really sticks…
    You do realize we live in an “insane asylum”,
    all of us.

  6. Ladies, just put a strip of good quality duct tape on him then give it a good yank, the whole thing should come off…..problem solved.

  7. I was horrified at the mental image of these “lesbians” naked. Then I thought “What about the wymyn, that are willing to see these ‘lesbians’ naked? So they can, actually, be ‘lesbians’?” Kind of like watching the “little black spot on the Sun, today” through a telescope, I don’t have that naked trannylesbian picture in my mind’s eye. Anymore.

  8. JV caused a lot of financial pain to these women. They were lucky that they banded together and were also visible minorities otherwise it would have turned out much worse for them. This story has been going on for quite some time and initially the rulings were going in JY’s favor.

  9. How is this “Sanity for Canada?” The author even admits the STATE reimbursed the women their legal fees. Sanity would have been the unshaved tranny paying the costs from its own pocket/pocketbook. Canadian taxpayers are idiots.

  10. What a great comeback! From now on, if someone says something I don’t like, I’ll just say, “Wax my balls.”

  11. Having genitals waxed is a “human right?”
    Guess it’s no dumber than “free” education being a “human right.”

    All Aboard! The Crazy Train is leaving the Station!

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. How dare you NOT introduce Yaniv with their proper title-
    “Known pedophile and tampon investigator- Jessie Yaniv”

    Honestly. What is this? Amateur hour? 🙄🙄🙄



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