Wayne Allyn Root Predicts Hillary Will Be President

In short, Root says Harris will be bought off, step down.

Biden will nominate Hillary for Veep. (That is allowed.)

She will be voted in by congress.

Then Biden’s dementia will force him to step down.


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  1. Let’s hope the senators who seem to be patriots push out all the info on hitlery’s role in the russiagate and other illegal activities during the debate prior to the vote.

  2. The day after the Big Cheat I have a friend that said this is all about installing Hilary as President. At the time I wrote him off as nuts, but as time goes on, I’m not so sure. After all, she was promised the Presidency.

  3. She’ll have to fight Mooch for it.

    You can’t replace an arguably Black woman with a White woman, no matter HOW much hot sauce she stores in her hump.

  4. I predicted this on this board a few days ago. Hillary has been kissing up quite a bit lately and she still feels that she was robbed by Trump. Her feminist base of whack-a-doodle men haters is still loyal and believe the same thing.
    I don’t feel that Big Mike wants it. I also think his gender would need to be exposed under a required physical. He can call himself a woman but honestly, that’s a man, man.

  5. The problem is the Obama regime etc. are not Clinton fans and they seem to be the ones in the pilot seat. And Durham has been circling the Clinton operatives and protecting the Obama operatives. I don’t think they want or trust her to be in the seat unless they plan to hang her in it and allow her to take all the blame for the purposeful destruction they are enacting which may well be the case.

  6. I don’t think so. Not Cankles the Wrinkled Old Bag of Fat Tissue. She’s like very old cheese – looks and probably smells bad too. The Dems are snakebit by Biden’s decline into senility. They’ll find someone younger and healthier to take over VP and eventually the presidency. A middle-aged (40-60) black woman has a good chance to become the next VP.

  7. Mooch Will become her VP choice of course so as guarantee succession for years to come.

    Hilary first them Mooch as VP then Mooch as Potus and Mr. Buttigieg as (spell check changed it to “butt giving” imagine that? As Vpotus

    That four horsemen of the apocalypse right there.

  8. Makes sense when you think about Hillary saying how we don’t appreciate all that Joe has accomplished so far…real ass kissing by the beast.

  9. I don’t trust anything those cheating, Wile E. democRATz might do anymore than Jackass Joe should trust a fart! In other woids, all bets are off until inauguration day 2025!!

  10. Do they both share the same diaper size?
    She shits herself regularly too.

  11. On a serious note:

    There is no way in HELL that America would tolerate that move. Conservatives have been very very patient and are willing to wait for the Next Election cycle but something like this would be too much for a large group of people.

  12. Harris won’t “step aside” as long as she doesn’t have to compete for the Preezy.

    The Party can try to impeach her. Even though she’s not white. Even though she’s not male. Good luck with that.

    There is nothing they can offer her, or threaten to take away from her later, that beats God Empress of The Known Universe, The First.

  13. Nah. The progressive elites in control of the White House will try to prop up KamalMao. In between the cackling and twitches, she can be easily manipulated like Xiden.
    Buttplug would also be considered by the left. He’s up for anything to become president – anything.
    These two creepy tools would be the left’s preference.

    Only desperation would cause the left to resort to Hellary or Big Mike who are too probmatic with baggage.
    Hellary’s a criminal and Big Mike’s a tranny. Both are too difficult to control.
    Besides, their poll numbers would be lower than Xiden’s – south of negative 0.


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