Wayne Newton’s Jingle Bell Rock

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  1. well I remember him being on Ed Sullivan while I was waiting for the 4 Mop Tops but now I’m thinking Newton is really great and the moptops not so much

  2. Ok, I was just cleaning up the kitchen and did a little boogie along with that. Played it twice. Thanks, MJA, for all the fun music this Christmas!!

  3. Dee, the Ed Sullivan show was a family tradition on Sunday nights for everyone in my family as a kid. Great show that had something for everyone.

  4. That’s the version I always recall. Like The Carpenters’ “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

  5. Perry a tradition for like everyone in the country almost!
    idk about you but we had like 2 or 3 channels that came in good

  6. I have never heard Wayne’s version before. I love it. Nice musical arrangemeny and chorus. Two thumbs up. Merry Christmas.


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