“we ain’t havin’ it over here.”

Idaho Town Taken Over By Armed ‘Patriot’ Patrols Amid Rumors Antifa Headed There.

Duo Arrested For Fire-Bombing Minnesota Courthouse.

And 25-Year-Old Wesley Somers Arrested for Setting Fire to Nashville’s Historic Courthouse on Saturday.

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  1. Well, if the Governors don’t know how to handle it, it will be up to the citizens. May God watch over True Americans

  2. Yeah, I forgot to mention, if you guys have good news, post them in the comments.

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    And I don’t dumpster dive too often, so I may not always see them.

  3. Give the cops a two week vacay and the citizens will shut this down in short order.

    Rules of engagement are protecting the criminals and they know it.

  4. So this big, fat, brown girl comes out of Macy’s with a heavy armful of looted clothes. Her dindu friend says,

    “Whut we gonna do now?”

    “I dunno. But deese are h e a V Y !

    “I ain’t carryin ’em. You da one dat took ’em, girl!”

    “Time to go home!”

    “They said the buses are shut down now.”

    “Whaaaaat?” How far you think we gotta walk?

    “Clear cross town in the southend. Uh huh.”

    “Sheeeit.” (Fat girl drops the clothes in a mud puddle.)

  5. My son’s first stint in riot gear was last night. They expect two more nights of riot where he is.

    A little prayer, please.

  6. @ Bad_Brad JUNE 3, 2020 AT 8:52 PM

    Best video I’ve seen about all this today.


    Thank you, MJA

  7. Prayers for your son, Dad.

    Also loved the video…..until the very last second. There’s always ONE who insists on tempting Darwin.

  8. The tyranny of the minority is in full swing in this country and on course to get infinitely worse, more expensive and more debilitating!! Pretty much for the foreseeable future 13% of the population will drive 75% of the fiscal misdirection and moral decline of the country

  9. I watched a viddy this morning of the ‘welcoming committee’ in Yucaipa, Ca. It was splendid. I can’t find a good link now, but I’ll keep looking.

  10. I see a meme coming:
    “We ain’t havin’ it over here”

    And possibly a t-shirt too!
    Any ideas for the graphic?

  11. Whatever happened to rock salt for projectiles in a 12 gauge?

    Highly effective less-than-lethal ammo.

    Was the go-to for trespassers back in the 60s.

    Thank you, Jethro

  12. Middle of everywhere update…..humid as shit…big year for miller moths….main street is under survalliense….Bill Freiners chickens still live in his house…cooking chicken thighs….well armed…..waiting…

  13. Willy, does Bill Freiner have any trouble with those damned stinkbeetles? I’ve tried snurfing them up with a shopvac, but the stink still gets out.

  14. Outdoorjohn….Bill Freisner has no problem with stench….he might thrive on it….TRUE!….

    Ya know, I moved out to rural America thinking it was like ‘Mayberry”….It ain’t, but the trade off is worth it….I ain’t been in traffic jam for 5 years….

    One thing for sure is that I am the only one that reads IOTWreport….I’ll let you debate whether that’s a good or bad thing….45-70 is dead and he lived 90 miles away anyway….

  15. No traffic jams, but we get tractor jams and livestock jams.

    When we first moved here there was an asshole who did 65mph and passed people on the double yellows (this is Ozarks Mountains roads, twisty).

    I said to Jennifer, “He’s gonna hit a cow, or a tractor, or just run off the road and die.”

    About 3 months later we never saw him again.

    Oh well.

  16. I saw a little of this myself day before yesterday when in Coeur d’Alene to buy groceries. Group of commies, group of armed patriots. Very peaceful!

    Thanks, James Wesley Rawles for the suggestion to move here.

  17. @ Bad_Brad JUNE 3, 2020 AT 10:40 PM

    He said not to post info to social media. Directive from the top.

    Probably pushing that a bit.

    A city just beyond the suburbs of Dallas. Maybe I can say when all is clear.

    Thank you for your prayers Brad, and also yours, Lgmichael

  18. Dad
    Close enough. I’ve been mentally plotting where the bad hot spots are. Which are fairly predictable

  19. Drop stinkbugs with a hose sprayer and Dawn dishsoap for plant infestation and add a few ounces of Windex to Dawn for interior spray bottles.

    Works on a huge variety of pests, especially Japanese Beatles and is magnitudes cheaper than insecticides.

    Works on Antifa also they hate hygiene.

  20. Up here in North Maine (the REAL Maine away from the coastal libs) we have Patriots stationed on both hill tops that lead into town.
    Eugene thought he had caught one of them Antifa dudes, but it turned out to be one of the local yutes that had been down south in Bangor and was wandering back after a hard three days of drinking.
    What with the WuHuChicomFlu, he looked pretty scraggly because he hadn’t had a haircut since before Christmas, had lost a shoe, and ……stink?……..wheeeew…….

  21. I was near there all last week bear hunting. They are much like Texans in that you shouldn’t mess with them. By the way, I shot a monster black bear on Thursday. I thought it was a black Volkswagen driving through the woods at first.


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