‘We are losing control of the streets’ Merkel’s Germany descends into lawlessness – IOTW Report

‘We are losing control of the streets’ Merkel’s Germany descends into lawlessness

It cannot be that offenders continue to fill the police files, hurt us physically, insult us, whatever, and there are no consequences


During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

And Germany has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking.

Adding to the country’s woes is the fact that thousands of people have gone missing after travelling there on invitation from Anegla Merkel.

Germany took in more than 1.1million migrants in the past year and parts of the country are crippled with a lack of infrastructure.

Now the true reality is hitting home ahead of next year’s elections as the far right surges in the polls threatening to topple the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader Mrs Merkel.

According to a report by the international policy council the Gatestone Institute, local police in many parts of the country admit that they are stretched to the limit.

The report states: “The rape of a ten-year-old girl in Leipzig, the largest city in Saxony, has drawn renewed attention to the spiralling levels of violent crime perpetrated by migrants in cities and towns across Germany.


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  1. I really don’t give a flyin’ fuck about Merkel’s Germany. They voted her into office. My concern is with the USA, what are we going to do November 8th? Vote in the lyin’ whore or the guy who talks funny?

  2. “And Germany has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking”.

    It’s hard to tell if you’re talking about migrants or liberals.

  3. “wait. They’re Germans and they know where these migrants camp. I dont understand the problem.”

    Ask the Idaho residents that have no problem with 5 Muzzies raping a 5 year old girl.

  4. YOU would think the dumbass Left would know how to read. They think this cannot happen in Barky’s regime…THINK AGAIN! Merkel is nothing but an old east german hack, and now she pays the price. I would not bet on her continued longevity. Germany will have to go back to Gestapo rule to rid themselves of these cretins (the Left and the muzzy immigrants). CUNTY CANKLES wants the same here. HELL NO! VOTE TRUMP..

  5. EU, thanks for doing obvious stupid decisions. We no doubt learned from your mistakes.

    Oh, BO is letting in sub-huntan swaps; following in EU’s fine example of how elites treat their citizens.

    If we had leaders that were not stupid and evil, swaps would simply not be allowed in.

  6. “I can’t type on this fucking site” sometimes. I was trying to say that Trump talks New Yorkese, not mid western drawl or Harvaard

  7. Bad brad– concerning weapons in Germany. Guns per capita in the world by country is as follows: America,Norway then Germany then Switzerland. The problem is in their right if possession. Where we can in many States carry either open or concealed with or without CCW depending on location in Germany you can own a weapon and practice at an approved range,but heaven help you if you don’t have it locked up when the police spot check your home. Which they do often and without the need of a warrant. Just having a bullet out can be enough for you to lose your weapon and the right to own one. A home owner defending their home with a weapon is almost unheard of over there.

  8. Brad, it was not OK with the people of Twin Falls. Just the dirty govco there. Twin Falls is my birthplace. I know ID. I’m surprised those kids are not dead.

  9. Oh yeah? Well we have Chicago.
    It beats Germany all to hell
    when it comes to violence with
    less than one twentieth of the
    population. Both places ban guns,
    equally so the comparison makes Chicago “the winner”. Be proud
    Rahm Emanuel; you did it.

  10. Michael, where did you get that info about Germany?!!

    Having lived there for many, many years, you’re dead wrong.
    Sure, German hunters get rifles, but their use is heavily regulated. Just about anything else? Forget it.

    In comparison, Switzerland has a mandatory (in the good sense) armed populace.

  11. 142,500 crimes committed by migrants in the first half of 2016?

    Well they’re certainly on track TO MATCH the almost 800,000 crimes committed by illegals on Texans since 2008, including 35% of all murders. That’s right, just Texans.

    And we all know how Mexicans love to drink & drive so maybe you’re wondering how many illegals are mowing down hapless citizens. Too bad if you’re curious because the government won’t keep track of that little gem but estimates are they’re killing about 3,000/year.

    Add another almost 7,000/year killed by unlicensed drivers, some of whom are not illegals, and your next thought should be, why isn’t Obama/Jarrett swinging in the breeze?

  12. Slavery is man’s natural estate.

    He clusters in cities submitting to order imposed by others because he lives in fear. Fear of animals, fear of starvation, fear of disease, fear of spirits, fear of other men. Mostly from fear of his own inadequacy. Germans are no different. They submit, as they have for millennia, to their “leader,” who they follow like dogs until the “leader” starts to get them killed – then they turn on their “leader” and appoint a new one – who they then follow like dejected curs. And so on, and so on, and so on … until some outside power (Romans, Goths, Huns, Napoleon, Allies in WWI and WWII) plows them back into the Earth – where they start the process all over again.

    They will eventually wake to their peril. Merkel will be replaced. Probably (if History is any judge) by someone who is just as accomplished a liar as she. When they are finally enraged enough to act, act they will.

    Just as the Americans, just as the French, just as the Limeys … well, not so much …

    izlamo delenda est …

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