We Are President Trump’s Last Line of Defense Against a Corrupt 4th Estate

President creates accountability surveys which asks to grade press performance – and report cases of unfairness.

I find the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story to be a perfect example of what Trump is talking about.

Trump’s journalism police: President calls on the help of his fans by sending ‘accountability surveys’ which ask them to grade the press’ performance – and report cases of ‘unfairness’

  • The president sent out the survey just hours after he ranted against the press 
  • It included questions that had a similar tone to much of Trump’s earlier remarks 
  • ‘You are our last line of defense against the media’s hit jobs,’ a Trump letter read
  • Trump stepped up his attacks on the press while speaking at the White House

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Look at the sneering tone of the article. Trump is ranting. We are called fans, and the use of scare quotes around unfairness implies that the notion is preposterous, which is pretty “unfair.”

The Daily Mail continues-

The questions are written in a way that supports Trump’s frequent claim he has been the victim of a big, bad, media class that is out to get him.
Trump attacked almost all media outlets during his bizarre press conference on Thursday, but singled out CNN and the BBC for additional vitriol.

Trump rests his case.

18 Comments on We Are President Trump’s Last Line of Defense Against a Corrupt 4th Estate

  1. bizarre press conference ?

    I thought it was an honest, straight forward exchange.

    If, on a rare occasion, Obama had a press conference, it was never honest or straight forward. But the press dutifully were asking him whether he wore briefs or boxers.

    If the press reports honestly, they will have his and our respect. I don’t anticipate that happening anytime soon. The DNC and their propaganda Press’ agenda comes first.

  2. Trump foresaw and told the press in the press conference that this type of article would be written regardless of what he said or how he said it.
    He was right, as he has been on most subjects.

  3. My favorite line or part there of: “The questions are written in a way that supports…”

    Oh my gosh. The entire MSM actively practiced, “The questions are written in a way that supports” when writing to COVER
    horridly, crooked Clinton and obama. Clinton is so crooked that her physical support system failed to hold her upright.

    Since the MSM just can’t see for the shit the left has thrown their way (and bribes) they need to STAND DOWN or lose everything!!

    That FOXNEWS horror Shepherd Smith needs to crawl back to hell. He thinks his opinion is worth something. Man, I really dislike that full of himself creature.

  4. I did greatly appreciate the press’s questions were not audible.
    Reagan was the Great communicator. Trump knows the game the Press plays and their rules of deceit, distraction and fake reporting to discredit his Administration.

    CNN is no longer referred to “Fake News” site by Trump, it is now a “Very” Fake News site.

    Trump told them where the bear shit in the woods and the press were standing in it.

  5. When he opened with the obviously flawed EV numbers it was clear he was toying with his openants again.

    They are stuck on stupid and he is enjoying keeping them there.

  6. I don’t expect the lefist hacks to back down a bit. I may start informing companies that I will not patronize them if they continue to support the leftist propaganda machine with advertising dollars.

  7. the old guard was never going to give up the power & go quietly into the night, especially to an outsider with no ties that bind

    we need to roll up our sleeves and jump into the fray, to help our president, who’s put his life/wealth on the line for us

    pray for the safety of President Trump and his family
    the political class & their ilk are going to escalate this witch hunt

  8. The Communist moles were allowed to flourish in the light on the 0bama 0ccupation, so now, they must be eradicated and pushed back into the depths of the earth. Mattis needs to unleash his terriers on these vermin, NOW!

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