We believe Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones – Do you, Hillary?

Clinton distributed a video – and tweeted her own quotes from it – on Monday in an effort to stake out a position defending college-age women who accuse young men of rape


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  1. EVERY WORD from the Hilldabeest’s mouth drags her fat ass back into the septic tank she is trying to crawl out from each day….you would think a warthog like her would be smarter, just shut it and go away…..

  2. In a sane world this piece of excrement would either be locked up in a cement cell for life or executed for countless crimes.

  3. Wow, can’t people see her nose is getting longer every day?

    Where are the rape social justice warriors on this woman’s lies?

  4. Just wow, Hida is banking on the fact that the spineless will NOT attack this meme. Wake up moron repubes, she is giving you the chance to move this forward and mock the shit out of her. Alas you will not

  5. This staggering level of egocentric, self-serving, turn a blind eye hypocrisy is common to every tyrant and despot known to history. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro etc. were all like this.

    It’s common among all these people because they’re all PSYCHOPATHS!!! Without conscience or compunction of any kind, these monsters are the most dangerous animals ever to walk the face of the Earth!!!

    Why do we allow these predators to roam freely among us? Kankles in a pantsuit should be institutionalized for the duration, with a sign over the door that reads, “Hillary Clinton, CEO and Founder of Bimbo Eruptions.”

  6. I suspect that if you get past the front that most Democrats put up about Clinton and get to what they really believe you’d find that most, if not all, believe that he is a violence prone, sexual predator that if it weren’t for a friendly press, the Arkansas State Police, the Secret Service and the aura of the Office of President he’d probably either be serving or had served time for sexual assault and sexual battery if not outright rape. Hillary closed her eyes to that because she’s pursuing pure power. She would/has lied, cheated, stolen, blackmailed and done almost everything short of outright murder to reach her goal. This is a person that needs to be kept from any sort of power until she is no longer a threat to freedom everywhere.

  7. The Left indulges in such craven irony on a continual basis, I’m sure colleges and universities are quietly conspire removing “irony” from all critical studies of the language.

    How can this woman say this? I guess she KNOWS we who despise her are not stupid, yet she is confident that the LOFO’s on the Left and amongst the 20-somethings and SJWs are.


  8. If someone had unzipped their pants and told me to “kiss it”, why I think $850,000 is a good sum. Knowing they are worth so much more, Paula should have burst their bank.

  9. And let me just add that the Alyinski Bitch has no self-awareness. Unlike all of us with sound minds are CLEARLY aware of.

  10. If you ever want to read an extremely funny book disguised as satire about Bill and Hillary called No Way To Treat A First Lady by Christopher Buckley. I laughed my ass off reading this 10 years or so ago. It’s dead spot on in the way Bill’s not so thinly veiled character treats women and the fights where the First lady kills the President with a frying pan and her trial for assassinating the President is freaking hilarious.

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