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We can police our own communities…

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  1. It’s odd because every TV show & movie these days that has law enforcement, the chief of police or HNIC is ALWAYS a black woman.
    The re-boot CSI Vegas captain, black woman.
    The re-boot Nash Bridges captain, black woman.
    It seems racist to defund these strong women of color?

  2. I think an additional image should be the petty dictator of CHAZ handing assault rifles out of the back of his car to total strangers. That was just fine with the progressives.

  3. @Loco Seattle HAD a black woman as Police Chief! Progressives hog tied her authority in the midst of BLM/Chaz/AntiFA that so she couldn’t do her job-so she resigned.

    Just shows that the Left are all a bunch of hypocrite posers who are never satisfied. If she was trans-then-she’d be the perfect equitable police chief!!!

  4. With the left, it is always about agenda.
    A specific item/function/operation will be okay on Monday because it fits the agenda and then the same exact item/function/operation on Tuesday will be forbidden because it does not fit the agenda.
    Which way is the wind blowing? The left always goes with the prevailing winds.

  5. Seattle’s Carmen Best was so dedicated she quit a top notch police assignment for a gig as a “law enforcement analyst” on the TV….

    #Making A Difference

  6. Maybe if the people who claim they can police their own communities stayed in their own communities, instead of roving from brick pile to brick pile across the country?


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