We Had a Dog Poop Scooping Robot – It was called My Dad

My father would have welcomed the upgrade to this contraption – or, concraption.

ht/ cynic

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  1. Now that I’ve dabbled at small engine repair for a little while, I’ve discovered lots of folks use their lawnmower tires to do the same thing.🤢

  2. Best to wait till they are dry & hard.
    How would you like to clean the robots
    scooper jaws ???

  3. San Francisco could use a few of those pooper scoopers, that are programmed to off load in Pelosi’s yard.

  4. I’ll wait until they perfect the lazer turd zapper

    …. got a few cats & squirrels I’d like to use it on too

  5. After a hard night I’ve been known to lay cable in the yard. If this thing comes at it perpendicular it’ll have to chunk it 2 or 3 times. Bad enough picking it out of the lawn mower.

  6. Oh, heck no. Then i’d have to buy fertilizer!

    So much deer and turkey poop its batteries would be dead before it made half a circuit.

  7. Made a game of poop scooping with my young sons. Gave them a dime for every turd they scooped. I would go inspect and deduct a nickle for every one i found. They were young, it was fun. We got the yard cleaned. Surprising how few times i found turds.

  8. That’s fine for the hard ones, explain how it takes care of the kind of poops where I have to wash Angus’ butt afterwards.
    Fix that and I shall buy one.
    Until then there is the garden hose and the chipping wedge (for onto the neighbor’s roof)

  9. Ok great. Now I have a shit-filled robot in my back yard. Can you sell me a another robot that gets rid of all that shit in my first robot?

  10. Anyone else notice the video shows two different pick up mechanisms? Has to be different robots. The one shown first that pinches to the middle could only pick up one pile. The other one that pinches back to front also rakes the grass and pulls up into a storage bin. I don’t see any latch to open it. Suspect video is a hoax.


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