We have a new Pet in the Patriot Pet Gallery

This is Stewie!

21 Comments on We have a new Pet in the Patriot Pet Gallery

  1. I love Stewie’s look. He looks perpetually concerned.

    Are you worried that the food dish might stay empty one day? What is it Stewie?

  2. My favorite dog ever. He points and chases deer, foxes, basically anything that invades his space. Not gun shy and doesn’t cringe at fireworks displays. He is cool on long trips; air, land or sea. We named him after the baby in Family Guy. Favorites are trips to Lowe’s and naps with Dad. All I have to say is “Truck” or “nap”, and he comes running.

    We get this look mostly when he wants to do something other than what he is asked to do.

    I asked Fur to do this because he captures much more than a picture. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  3. @Truckbuddy – You’re a lucky man!

    P.S. You say the little guy travels well by air. With a name like Stewie, please don’t take him on a trip to Korea. But you knew that!

  4. Maltese are the self appointed guardians of the world. They are ready to take on anyone.
    Ours barks at any dog going down our street from the comfort of his window to the outside.


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