We Have Cities Defying Federal Law and We Have Senators Concerned Trump Said Shinola

While the DHS is preparing to arrest leaders of sanctuary cities, we have Durbin and Leahy grilling Kirstjen Nielsen about Trump possibly saying “sh!thole countries.”

Are they kidding? Why are they doing this? Is this prosecutable?

I wish Trump would simply hold a press conference and show pictures of Haiti and its infrastructure, put up charts showing their GDP (compare it with The Dominican Republic, which they share an island with), education statistics, health statistics, and say, “this here is a $hithole country. Questions?”

It is a very good president that sits at a meeting and says, “why aren’t we exploring the avenues of having top notch immigrants come here? Why are we so eager to bring in immigrants with no skills, little education? What is the value for our American citizens, who I took an oath to protect?”

Dickish Durbin, in a snide aside, said that he doubts anyone from Norway, who has a higher GDP than us, would want to come here, in effect saying that in comparison to Norway this is a $hithole.

You can’t make this stuff up!

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  1. If people think heads are exploding now, wait until the arrest a mayor or governor who is providing sanctuary to illegal aliens. I think it would be fitting to have those arrested housed with illegals in an ICE facility, so they can get up close and personal with those for whom they are militating.

    I don’t know what the Mexican version of Kumbaya is, but I bet after a few days locked up with Pedro, Chico and Fernando, our sanctuary supporting friends might be able to sing it for us.

  2. Remember how that Tennessee county clerk was jailed in a federal facility because she wouldn’t issue a marriage certificate?
    She disobeyed federal law.
    Just like these sanctuary city sheriffs.

  3. He’s disgusting. Funny thing was when Kirstjen Nielsen looked at him and leahy like they were crazy. I’m glad she said there were plenty of congressmen cussing. Including that little bitch Lindsey Graham.

    Oh and as for Norway having a ‘higher GDP than the US,’ how FREE are they compared to us? And how likely are they to integrate into the US compared to the shithole nations, Dicky?

    PS. Europe has a muslim problem. Including Norway.

    No. I don’t even want Norwegians here. Thanks.
    Cut off the illegals and drop legal immigration by 50%.
    Fuck it. We’re full up. I don’t want to hear shit from anybody’s shitholes anymore.

  4. I was having dinner with a good friend who happens to be somewhat liberal on Saturday and he was talking about the s-hole nonsense and saying that Trump is the worst person ever. About a half later, he and his wife started making fun of people that go to Great Wolf Lodge and saying they are “white trash”.

    That’s why I don’t care if Trump calls Haiti and Africa s-holes. We all know liberals use terms like White Trash, Trailer trash, Hicks, flyover country, etc etc etc and they make movies and tv shows about dumb and pathetic rural Americans are.

    Keep being clueless, liberals. When you look at DJT you are looking at a 2 term president. He’s our way of saying FU to all the elites in this country who care more about the less fortunate who live on the other side of the world than the ones that live 50 miles away

  5. Dicky Durban, puddin n’ pie
    Called Corey Booker
    And made him cry
    But when the Donald came out to play
    Dicky Durban ran away and tattletailed

    (I know it doesn’t rhyme, but I don’t GAS)

  6. Jon, I just looked up Great Wolf Lodge. That looks like a lot of fun for kids! From looking at their website, it looks like a lot of colorful ‘trash’ people enjoy it. lol

  7. MJA, it looks pretty fun to me. Never been. I do a lot of other “trashy” things though.

    I think my friend’s complete lack of self awareness is what makes the story somewhat interesting.

  8. Tommy
    “Called Corey Booker
    And made him cry”

    Can you believe that shit? What the hell was that?
    I know one thing, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is Babealisious.

  9. There was a rather notorious but also hilarious public service billboard around here about dicks a few year ago. It went, See Dick drink, see Dick drive, see Dick be pulled over for a DUI. Don’t be a Dick! The moral is not to be a dick whatever you do or whoever you are.

  10. I live in Illinois. Would love to see Rahm frogmarched (remember that term from the Bush Administration?) out of City Hall. Turban Durbin is a slippery dick (h/t Dianny @ Patriot Retort). And, to Anon, who made a comment about men (I assume) named Richard . . . my hubby is named Richard or Rich, never ever Dick.

  11. MJA, That’s what was bothering me about Scandis; If we start preferring them as immigrants, they’ll make all of their muslims into Scandi citizens and ship them here. And have the swearing-in ceremonies in the middle of the Atlantic, just to be safe.

  12. As a Virginian, I am sick to death of the migrants fleeing their shitholes and moving here. No more refugees from high tax liberal shitholes like NY NJ PA MA CT NH VT ME and MD. Sure. They speak a form of English, but they bring their backward ways and lack of comprehension with them and corrupt the body politic.

  13. Durbin has made a career out of putting party politics above America. He’s now Schummer’s wind up doll.

    Not a chatty cathy, but a demonstrative dick.

  14. This is the SECOND major democrat “GOTCHA” jihad attempt on Trump.

    The last one was the black Congresswoman who claimed Trump made disparaging remarks over the telephone to a fallen soldier’s wife.

    Now “Dirty Dick” Durbin makes false claims after a meeting.

    Record every conversation with these people. They are basically prat-falling and looking for a lawyer.

  15. Well, let’s see, the average I Q in Norway is 100, (according to information I found on the inter-web, probably lower now with the influx of Muzzies).

    The average I Q in Haiti is 67 (according to information I found on the inter-web).

    Now tell me again why we want more Haitians here.

  16. “For Brutus is an honorable man, so are they all, honorable men” – Shakespeare: Julius Caesar: Act 3, Scene 2.

  17. Dick told the media today that he is working for DaCA only. Forget about the Chicago citizens. I can’t wait to hear what the black people in Chicago will say about that.

  18. Jon – “I was having dinner with a good friend who happens to be somewhat liberal on Saturday”
    What’s he like on Sunday?

  19. I hate these vile loathsome piles of pig shit. The DNC is reprehensible. It’s the Communist Party, everything is lie, the issue is never the issue, the ends justify the means. The destroy everything they touch.

    Dick Turbin is one of them.

  20. Perhaps every time someone mentions shithole it should be accompanied by the song Shaving Cream by Benny Bell which Dr. Demento played on this radio program quite often. Every verse ends with a reference to sh which he turns into, Shaving cream, be nice and clean, shave every day and you’ll always look clean.

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