We Have Gone Bananas

The most popular fruit in the world and thought to be the first cultivated by man. A staple so in demand that revolutions and wars were fought for decades in the region where it was grown for export. That’s just some of the interesting facts about the history of bananas.More Here

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  2. Yes we have no bananas we have no bananas today.does anyone remember that from waaaaay back years ago? Or am i that old 😂

  3. @Just passin’ thru.

    I’ve heard the song. It happened in the 1920’s in NYC. A songwriter asked a fruit vendor if he had any bananas, and the reply from the vendor (probably an Italian) became a well-known musical with the song in it of the same name. No, I wasn’t alive then but I have read about it.

  4. Wars over bananas.
    Wars over pepper.
    Wars over cinnamon.
    Wars over salt.
    Wars over potassium.
    Wars over tungsten.
    Wars over oil.
    Wars over manganese.
    Wars over silver.
    Wars over wheat.
    Wars over tea.

    Mostly wars over intransigence – as with the Demonrats and National Security.

    Ah, well …

    izlamo delenda est …


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