We keep coming back to Susan Rice

Patriot Retort: On Inauguration Day, shortly before leaving her job as National Security Advisor, Susan Rice emailed herself the details of a White House meeting she attended with Obama, Biden, James Comey and Sally Yates.

Odd isn’t it how we keep coming back to Susan Rice?

This bit of ass-covering on the part of Rice is flat-out bizarre.

First, the meeting in question did not happen that day, but fifteen days earlier.

So what was Susan Rice’s motivation for quickly firing off this memo to herself just moments before vacating the White House?

If I had to guess, I’d say Susan Rice was doing this at the behest of the President.

As Thomas Lifson points out at American Thinker, Susan Rice has always been Barack Obama’s henchman. She was the go-to person to promulgate the official lies of the Obama White House.

In fact, she was so faithful at her job during the Benghazi aftermath, Obama rewarded her with a promotion.

Remember last spring when the unmasking and leaking of Trump people first made news, Susan Rice immediately sought out friendly “journalist” Andrea Mitchell to publicly issue the official denials.

When asked directly by Mitchell if she leaked the name of Mike Flynn, Rice’s response was slippery and clever.

“I leaked nothing to nobody and never would.”  MORE

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  1. Good Lord, is she still active? Didn’t anyone send her any white powder? Hint: it goes up your nose and it makes you feel like you still have an office.

  2. The world would have been better off if KudzUbama and Rice’s parents would have just said “YOUR STUPID’, now go away….

  3. Sycophant.
    [ˈsikəˌfant, ˈsikəfənt]
    a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
    synonyms: yes-man · bootlicker · brown-noser · toady · lickspittle · flatterer · flunky · lackey · spaniel · doormat · stooge · cringer · suck · suck-up

    (Internet Dictionary)

  4. And still ValJar sits there in her suite at Kalorama Kastle, untouched and unmentioned in any of this. Except Q mentioning her 42 minute phone conversation with Adam Schiff. Waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one. I hope her world comes crashing down with the rest of them.

  5. Remember my fellow Hat travelers, G#d said 3 times in the New Testament, there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the light.
    Soon, very soon. Happy Valentines Day

  6. “If I had to guess, I’d say Susan Rice was doing this at the behest of the President.”

    Not exactly. It was done at the behest of the one who was not at the January 5th meeting. See my comment above.

  7. I wonder how Susie is sleeping these days? Fitfully I think. Obama can’t pardon her now.
    Same goes with Valerie, Eric, Hillary, Loretta and the rest.

  8. But our “betters” ( the Manchurian Candidate, Bush Clan, Karl …) havetold us time, and time again, (since ’09) that she is q competent, patriot!
    Who arw\E we to question “The Ruling Class”!@?!$?!?#
    Well I am the guy another former 5th Marine ( BOTH IN 1/5) wrote a book about, thats who!

    READ BORN FIGHTIN, a good book I gave all my kids for Christmass( do not tell gwb I used that devisive work- not “Holidays”) to explain why their Old Man was such a hard as*, I am the product of my parents, and their folks …. etc. So if he Rice supportin GWB has the bal*s to do something – HERE I A “W”!

  9. I was wondering what exceptions might apply to the privileges gained through the Presidential Records Act. Generally, privileges, attorney/client, for example, have court created exceptions. In the case of the PRA, there is this. There might be more on it, but I thought this was relevant to Dainny’s awesome, as usual, punch to the gut of her targets.

    (c) The Supreme Court has held that a party seeking to overcome the constitutionally based privileges that apply to Presidential records must establish at least a “demonstrated, specific need” for particular records, a standard that turns on the nature of the proceeding and the importance of the information to that proceeding. See United States v. Nixon, 418 U.S. 683, 713 (1974). Notwithstanding the constitutionally based privileges that apply to Presidential records, many former Presidents have authorized access, after what they considered an appropriate period of repose, to those records or categories of records (including otherwise privileged records) to which the former Presidents or their representatives in their discretion decided to authorize access. See Nixon v. Administrator of General Services, 433 U.S. at 450- 51.

  10. Here we go.
    The exceptions are in the PRA itself.
    This will be ab interesting lawsuit.

    (2) subject to any rights, defenses, or privileges which the United States or any agency or person may invoke, Presidential records shall be made available–

    (A) pursuant to subpoena or other judicial process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction for the purposes of any civil or criminal investigation or proceeding;

    (B) to an incumbent President if such records contain information that is needed for the conduct of current business of the incumbent President’s office and that is not otherwise available; and

    (C) to either House of Congress, or, to the extent of matter within its jurisdiction, to any committee or subcommittee thereof if such records contain information that is needed for the conduct of its business and that is not otherwise available; and

  11. She’s stupid, irritating, corrupt, underhanded, foul and repulsive. She’s been kept around only for the reason that her hair is rich in millions of gallons of petroleum that could be needed in a national emergency.


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