We Must Ban Assault Ladders

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Federal 2018 Data: Falling Killed 126 Times More People than Rifles of Any Kind


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  1. LCD, I would hazard a guess that more than one incident was involved, it is Chitown after all. A more dangerous guess on my part might be that the races of those probably involved (particularly the shooter[s])have something to do with the silence and besides it’s an every weekend occurrence so it doesn’t count.

  2. Ban the ladder makers and keep them from getting bank accounts. And sue Home Depot and Lowes and all the hardware stores.

  3. We have to close Home and Garden show loopholes.
    People are allowed to buy ladders without a background check!

  4. You know, you are all making fun of this, but it’s just too possible that someone will introduce a bill to limit the height of ladders. To save the children.

  5. @LCD–there was a shooting in Birmingham last evening in a park–30 rounds at least one killed and multiple injuries. No coverage.

  6. It’s a slow day if I have not gone up and down a ladder at least 10 times. But Canuckistan keeps me safe by ensuring only criminals carry a handgun and hunters go through hell just to get a shotgun, ammo, & a deer tag.

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