“We need to engage the world and convert it.” – Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

“A third of American men will sooner or later have an anxiety disorder.  So will 40 percent of women.  More than 70 percent of American young people are now physically or mentally unfit for military service.  At least a third of college seniors, even at our best schools and after years of elite education, can’t make a coherent argument.  Nearly half of American men have genital infections caused by a sexually transmitted virus.  And 16 percent of women in the Navy deployed to shipboard service come back to shore pregnant.  That last item may not need a lot of explaining.  Human nature is human nature.”


“If you want to see the face of Europe in 100 years, barring a miracle, look to the faces of young Muslim immigrants.  Islam has a future because Islam believes in children.  Without a transcendent faith that makes life worth living, there’s no reason to bear children.  And where there are no children, there’s no imagination, no reason to sacrifice, and no future.  At least six of Europe’s most senior national leaders have no children at all.  Their world ends with them.  It’s hard to avoid a sense that much of Europe is already dead or dying without knowing it.”


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  1. “When young people ask me how to change the world, I tell them to love each other, get married, stay faithful to one another, have lots of children, and raise those children to be men and women of Christian character. Faith is a seed. It doesn’t flower overnight. It takes time and love and effort. Money is important, but it’s never the most important thing. The future belongs to people with children, not with things. Things rust and break. But every child is a universe of possibility that reaches into eternity, connecting our memories and our hopes in a sign of God’s love across the generations. That’s what matters. The soul of a child is forever. “

  2. Zonga, me too. I wish deacons could now become priests. Most are older and have experienced marriage, family and spiritual love and giving.

  3. Islam may believe in children, but they certainly don’t respect them. They use them as pawns, human bombs and shields. While they may breed a lot, I don’t think they hold their children dear.

    I don’t believe they respect ANY life at all. They should NEVER be thought of as the future of the world.

  4. ‘Here’s the point. We don’t see the full effects of the good we do in this life. So much of what we do seems a tangle of frustrations and failures. We don’t see — on this side of the tapestry — the pattern of meaning that our faith weaves. But one day we’ll stand on the other side. And on that day, we’ll see the beauty that God has allowed us to add to the great story of his creation, the revelation of his love that goes from age to age no matter how good or bad the times. And this is why our lives matter.’

  5. From K-12 and beyond, from Educators to Psychiatrists that play right along, we now witness a very twisted bunch.
    I don’t mean to bang on the Millennial in particular. This crap has been pushed since the early seventies. Both men and women over the past 3 generations have become confused.
    I think they call this progress in the realm of progressivism.

  6. Reboot, was it something in the Archbishop’s article or is there something else? Care to explain?

  7. It’s kind of hard to engage the world and convert it when the muslims are killing Christians faster then they can reproduce. I think Ann Coulter said it better, something like “Destroy their cities, kill their leaders, and convert the survivors to Christianity”.

  8. The Catholic church is much more concerned with buildings and lots of collections than they are about anything else.

  9. No. The men in high places are concerned with power and filthy lucre. That, and they really want to be liked. They don’t actually believe.

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