We Need To Retoxify Masculinity

Townhall/Kurt Schlichter: Let’s be clear: My pronouns are “he,” “his,” and “stop being creepy weirdos.”

Okay, maybe the last one isn’t a pronoun, but then again, I’m a man and if I want an insulting string of words directed at the nattering nabobs of gender neutrality to be a pronoun, it is a pronoun. And if you don’t like it, fight me.

We need more masculinity, and the more toxic the social justice warriors think it is, the better.

Bizarrely, now shaving companies are allying with the SJWs in an Axis of Irritants. Gillette is channeling campus gender studies dorks to try to sell you razors. They all think you should soften up, get in touch with your feelings, and submit.

I say tighten up, let your righteous fury flow through you, and tell them all to kiss your Schumer.

Much as I advocate global warming, I am a strong proponent of toxic masculinity. It’s also known as “masculinity.”




These are the qualities the SJWs want to wring out of us. Why? Because these are the qualities they cannot overcome. They want us weak, passive and obedient. That’s how they get power. Some bloated Trigglypuff screaming about the male gaze can’t force us to do anything. Sure, a lot of them have weight on us, but if we laugh at them and simply say “No” to their demands, they’re stuck. Are they going to go get a rifle and make us?   more here

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  1. Lazlo is now old.
    I hit sixty this year.
    But I am full of vigor, and my stride is long.
    I climb roofs for a living (insurance adjuster) and model my behavior after the codes of the Old West.
    Prancing Antifa mobs, shrieking Trigglypuffs, and sexual deviants do not scare me.
    I make allowances for others, and ask only a modicum for myself. I practice Scottish forgiveness, and seek no harm to others.
    But kick my dog or otherwise wrong me and you’ll wish the Apache women got hold of you after being told you’re a coward.

  2. Well, if those Millennial SJW’s have truly suffered ‘toxic masculinity’ it means they’ve been poisoned. So, maybe they’ll go die and decrease the surplus population (or at least not have kids and keep their mushhead genes out of the human gene pool).

  3. Real women are furious what the left is trying to do to our men. We love real men, toxic and masculine! Oozing with maaaaannn!

    Leave them alone or you just might find out that real women can be toxic, too. All over your ass.

    There, I feel better! Dammit.

  4. Brilliant assessment! I shared it on FB and recommended all to read it. Thanks for posting this one BigFurHat!

  5. @Jethro, give a guy a warning, please !
    That 12 gauge, it’s over the front door.
    I don’t get why they are convinced we are afraid of them.
    “Pound sand.” – Kurt

  6. Sissy juice whore sjws are pathetic naggers tell them all to go eat more of there dick candy as they cry in their safe space

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