We Paid For a Murdering Monster To Live in Prison on Death Row for Two Decades – Ding Dong the Wretch is Dead

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A condemned inmate at San Quentin State Prison was found unresponsive and pronounced dead early Thursday morning, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Sam Brasure was discovered in his cell around 12:50 a.m. and pronounced dead at 1:17 a.m…Brasure, 49, had been on death row since 1998.

He was convicted of first-degree murder in the case of 20-year-old Anthony Guest in Ventura County. Prison officials say Brasure kidnapped and tortured the former child actor, then set him on fire. 

In August 1998, Spencer Rawlin Brasure was convicted and sentenced to death for brutally torturing and killing a Redondo Beach man on Sept. 7, 1996. Brasure and his accomplice kidnapped 20-year-old Anthony Guest, tied him up, burned him with a propane torch, stapled wood to his head, forced him to eat broken glass, and shocked him repeatedly with a cattle prod before setting him on fire and leaving him to die in a remote Ventura County campsite near Gorman.

The coroner’s office testified that it took the victim several hours to die in agony. The judge described the murder as “savage, barbarous, merciless and cruel.”  Evidence at trial also showed that Brasure had tried to have several witnesses in the case killed.

While sitting on death row at San Quentin State Prison, Brasure has found time to campaign against the death penalty. In 2011, he wrote a blog from prison complaining that he is a victim of a “political agenda”.

There are 731 individuals on death row in California, according to the state. Since 1978, 82 condemned inmates have died of natural causes, 27 have died by suicide and 15 have been executed — although two of those individuals were executed out of state.


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  1. The only reason I don’t support the death penalty in CA is that because of mandatory appeals each execution costs ten$ of million$, where just keeping them incarcerated until they die only costs million$. Of course I would prefer something quick and simple.

  2. I can honestly say that, to the best of my ability and effort, had Anthony Guest been my son, this cretin would have died an ugly death long ago.

  3. And to think he was making an effort to make himself a better citizen. Going to nursing school, donating his time towards being a big brother, and now this.

  4. I looked it up because I was curious and the last one executed in California was in 2006 and I’m sure he will be the last one. His name was Clarence Ray Allen, he was in prison for killing a woman(his son’s girlfriend after she told business owners his gang had burglarized their store) in 1974 during the time of no death penalty, then he paid another inmate to kill three people after the death penalty, one of them was the store owner’s son who had testified against him.

  5. Does anyone know what Anthony Guest starred in as a child star. It may seem morbid, but I would prefer if the articles remembered the victim rather than the murderer.

  6. Kermit: I did not find him in IMDB. I also tried searching for him but found nothing. It is as if all knowledge of his existence has disappeared.

  7. During the trial, witnesses reportedly testified that Brasure and Davis decided to kidnap Guest and beat him as a favor to Sandra Johnson (?), a friend who had ended a relationship with the victim.
    Guest was hog tied by both of the men and repeatedly zapped with a cattle prod. He was gagged after being forced to eat glass and having a broken beer bottle shoved down his throat and his mouth taped shut. The two men took turns bashing Guest in the head and electrocuting him with the electric prod. They then used an an industrial stapler to attach wood to his ears and finally glued his eyes shut.
    Not sure what he appeared in, guessing Little House on the Prairie,,,
    How Melissa Gilbert made it through still confounds everyone,,, yet alone how her fugly sister, Sara still breathes.
    Amazing how Google is so informative!
    Hope this helps,,

  8. We think and can justify killing unknown persons in abortions but can keep killers and beasts in cages for years to be what??? Kind?? Compassionate?? Fair?? Guilt free?? Human??

  9. President Lazlo would allow all appeals for death row inmates to be brought and is willing to let Justice run its course.
    Each and every one of those bastards will move a pyramid of cannonballs from one side of the prison yard to the other, stack them precisely in a pyramid, then move them back.
    All Day
    Every day
    Until they are executed

  10. I would like to know about the victim and what t.v. show’s or movies he came out in. Can’t find anything about him at all. This is sad and crazy at the same time. Wouldn’t it be better for him to be remembered for what he did in life. The death penalty sentence Shouldn’t take this long. Too bad this monster couldn’t of been put to death the same way he killed this young man

  11. Big deal. We subsidized McCain’s political chicanery for 37 years and gave him a week long going away party on top of it. Beat that.

  12. Have to disagree, Dan. If it’s the money we’re worried about, consider a single .22 round would cost taxpayers about a nickel, and you can run by the Home Depot and get a guy to dig a hole for maybe $20. And I’m sure there are permitting expenses involved because, after all, it IS California.


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