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‘We saved millions of American lives’: President Trump delivers rousing year-end message


President Trump cut short his vacation at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday to return to the White House, where he delivered a rousing five-minute speech about the accomplishments of his administration.

“In the face of great challenges this year Americans showed incredible grit, strength, tenacity and resolve, and together we achieved truly historic victories like nobody ever thought possible,” the president said in a White House address he posted on Twitter.

“To defeat the China virus, we launched the largest mobilization since World War Two. We transformed our factories to build tens of thousands of ventilators and millions and millions of masks virtually overnight. Nobody thought it could be done. We ignored the experts who demanded open borders, and we shut down travel from China and Europe to protect our citizens. read more

60 Comments on ‘We saved millions of American lives’: President Trump delivers rousing year-end message

  1. BS, President Trump.
    The CoronaScam crime is a hoax and part of the Great Reset.
    Why the hell did you cover for Fauci as he destroyed the U.S. economy?

  2. Mike_W
    You are an idiot. Let’s put you in that position suffering from a coordinated attack from China and the DNC. Flatted footed. How would you react? Trump let them hang themselves. It’s still happening.

  3. Brad
    More of the same Q BS.
    “Trust the plan”.
    “Have patience”.
    “Trump is fighting all the evils of the universe and is a sperhero”.
    You’ve been had, America.

  4. Brad
    For a start, I wouldn’t have appointed, Session, Barr and Wray.
    I wouldn’t have stuck with Fauci and covered for him as Fauci orchestrated the destruction of the U.S. economy.
    I wouldn’t have appointed leftists to Scotus(Kavanaugh was a Bush lackey and his wife was Bush’s personal secretary).
    I would’t be pushing this satanic CoronaScam “vaccine”
    After the blatantly stolen election, I would have invoked the Insurrection act, called in the military and rounded up all the damn trairors.
    That’s for starters.

  5. Mike_W

    And that’s exactly why you’re stupid. What has Trump done in every instance you list? exposed their asses. Stripped them naked for everyone to see. Sit down. Your amateur shit is putting me to sleep.

  6. Brad
    You are either incredibly brainwashed or part of the numerous controlled opposition.
    Why are you trying to destroy the U.S.A.?

  7. Hey Mike, how does the reference to Q have any connection to the ChiCom virus? Seems like a stretch to make that connection. You must be in one of the coastal states.

  8. “Why are you trying to destroy the U.S.A.?”

    There’s two hopes for the USA right now, The Insurrection Act, and a gun. Take your pick. But stay the fuck away from me.

  9. joe6pak

    No, I’m not even America.
    But I am concerned about the ongoing destruction of the U.S.A.
    The Great Reset aficionados have stated there is no place for a strong U.S. in the Great Reset NWO.
    Look it up.

    There’s a lot going on and these bastards are acting quickly to destroy us.
    And most politicians are now controlled by the NWO cabal.

  10. “No, I’m not even America.”

    Jesus Christ fuck off already. Another weak mother fucker waiting for some US service member to bail his God Damn Ass Out. Pick Up a gun bitch.

  11. Brad

    I don’t expect the U.S. military to bail my “God Damn Ass Out”.
    I don’t want the U.S. military anywhere near my country with a commie buffoon like Biden in charge.

    I AM concerned, however, by the ongoing destruction of a formerly free ally, the U.S.A.

  12. Mike, “I’m not even America”. Just before you posted that I was speculating on where you were from, I was thinking Chyna. I’m thinking you are on a side that is different than the side I’m on. See ya later.

  13. Good on ya’, Aussie. Speak yer mind.

    No, I’m not starting ish’, I just understand Aussies. I used to live there. They speak plain. You may not like what they have to say, but they’re speaking from a completely different point of view than us. It’s more objective.

    Plus, the guys been pretty cool with you all. He hasn’t called you stupid bloody drongos, or seppos, or any of the hilariously colorful nicknames they have for us.

    Why you guys are attacking the guy is beyond me.

  14. Hey Mike, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since you admit you are not American. But you have a lot to learn about real Americans, we fully despise and are resisting every effort of the traitorous, communist, NWO allies that are trying to destroy the U.S.A. You are barking up the wrong tree here.

  15. They say criminals are stupid. And Australia is a big fucking Penal Colony. And they want us to save them from China. And they were dumb enough to give up their guns. Fuck Off Mikey. Grab yourself by your little balls. America can’t save your dumb ass this time around. How you liking those mussies?

  16. Burr, I also like to see people speak their mind. But regardless of where he is from he is wrong headed in who he thinks his adversary is in this. If he thinks he wants a strong USA (for his own well being) he doesn’t have better allies than those of us here. He is the one that came to us with an attitude.

  17. HamBurrgler

    Regardless of where I’m from, I DO believe everyone involved in the
    ongoing destruction of the U.S.A, is a bloody drongo.

  18. Burr, and so what if you lived is Australia, Big f’ing deal! I grew up in Detroit, that doesn’t make me sympathetic to rioters.

  19. Brad I was going to take Burr’s position before he posted, but decided to stay out of the fray. But reading what has transpired has me shaking my head.

    Mike is more on our side than you and Joe are giving him credit for. And frankly I don’t understand your aggressive opposition to him. Simply put, you’re coming across as an asshole. I suspect that there is alcohol involved, so take a step back, and find something more positive to direct your energy towards.

  20. stirrin the pot

    I can’t consume alcohol any more. So it’s just me being an asshole. That or your judgment is suspect. But please take Burrs side. This should be fun.

  21. Stirrin the pot

    Let’s start here. Your in agreement with the Australian that we should send young men and women U.S, Soldiers over to defend the penal colony? Who gave up their guns and love love love Muslems>? Yes or no.

  22. stirrin, you’re not wrong, I believe he is on our side. But he was wrongheaded in his attempt to blame Trump and US patriots for the Great Reset that is being forced down the throats of all freedom loving people all over. He started off misdirected and stayed there.

  23. What the fuck are you talking about? Who said anything about sending US soldiers to Australia to defend a penal colony?

    You’re not doing yourself any good by going off on that tangent. Go to bed.

  24. Well boys, he show up in my fox hole I’m shooting the asshole. Got no time for losers. The stakes are to high and I could give a shit less right now about a foreign country who is pleading for us to save their ass. In the long run, they contributed to the mess we’re in by not standing up to their own tyranny. We’re way past that point. Shit’s gotten way to real. We can’t rescue you. Figure your own shit out.

  25. I’m not taking a side. I’m more like the interpreter who keeps the Injuns from scalping the fur trapper and vice versa.

    Ethnologically speaking, the common Australian (Ozius Downunderus) is far more likely to engage in abrupt and direct conversation. It’s not meant as a threat. It’s just their culture.

    Granted, nerves are on edge here as we await the starting gun for Civil Wah 2,(freedom boogaloo) but I think we can extend some courtesy to our fellow English speaking visitors from abroad.

    Or not, I’m good either way. Going to enjoy family time for a while. Have fun.


  26. Joe please direct me to where he blamed Trump for the great reset, because I didn’t see it.

    In fact one of his statements was this:

    “…After the blatantly stolen election, I would have invoked the Insurrection act, called in the military and rounded up all the damn trairors…”

    Brad has been calling for that from the git go. Where is the disagreement?

  27. stirrin the pot

    In case you haven’t read the current head lines, that’s now what they are hoping for. China is about to take over Australia. It’s a strategic position. If you can’t keep up please don’t continue to ridicule my ass.

  28. stirrin, it’s possible Brad got a step ahead of the conversation. I’m on record with friends of mine for predicting that before I die China will make a major move on Australia. I still believe that, in fact it seems more likely all the time.

  29. Well I changed my mind. Brad I do keep up with current information as much if not more than you. I am very well aware of what is going on in Australia.

    You should be focusing your anger on American politicians rather than Australian politicians. I’m more concerned with what’s going on in our own back yard than some place down yonder.

  30. Joe – his 9:55 comment was:
    “..BS, President Trump.
    The CoronaScam crime is a hoax and part of the Great Reset.
    Why the hell did you cover for Fauci as he destroyed the U.S. economy?…”

    What am I missing about this comment?

    Quite frankly, that’s a fair criticism of Trump. Many people – even here on this site- have questioned why Trump legitimized Fauci by keeping him in his position.

  31. Is this funny or what? Mike is probably in his grandmas basement in Hoboken New Jersey, playing video games and stirring up shit wherever he can. Happy New Year everyone!!

  32. Brad, tomorrow morning I will raise my coffee mug and wish you Happy New Year. Tonight, you’ve left me scratching my head. Love ya too dude. You’re an integral part of this site.

    We actually do learn from each other.

  33. stirrin
    Hard to tell what lays a head. I’m worried as hell for my kids. Got no time for foreigners. You ever make your way out to Norcal I got a place for you.

  34. Happy fucking new year. You don’t like what we say in IOTWR, then GTFO and STFU. AMF.

    Fuck Biden, fuck Harris, fuck progs, best stay out of the way.


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