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We Will Never Forget

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  1. Off to the Memorial Day Parade. Our church is part of the event as well as the American Heritage Girls (they worked on thier Flag Badge over the weekend at camp). If the rain not too bad we will be placing flags at one of the cemetarys after.

    To those that have and are serving – Thank You!

  2. It will be a terrible, terrible shame that the sacrifices of so many thousands of Americans will be in vain if we fail to teach the next generation what these lives mean to our country, our way of life, our freedom. These Americans gave their lives selflessly and it is all together right and fitting that we honor them.

    It only took a single generation for the children of Israel to fall back into idolatry. The generation that God brought out of Egypt with such power failed to pass this appreciation on to their children. A single generation and they forgot God and went right back to worshiping idols again.

    We have slightly different idols now, half our county worships self. We pander to self, plan for self, work for self. We are at war with a hostile, heathen religion and the worshipers of self refuse to even acknowledge it. God forbid they be discomforted.

    They will not stir themselves to become involved, much less defend themselves and they violently oppose those who are willing to do so. They are takers, not givers. The Sanderistas are a prime example.

    Most of our leaders are cut from the same cloth. God help us.

  3. There are some stupid people out there that don’t know the difference between the 3 holidays that are Military related.
    Memorial Day – is for the deceased.
    Veteran’s Day – is for those who served our country.
    Armed Services Day – is for those who are currently serving.
    So, don’t walk up to me on Veterans day and thank me for my service.. I’m not dead.

  4. To every Veteran out there:
    I have been allowed to run around free and start about ten careers, play in bands, start businesses, succeed modestly, fail spectacularly, loaf, work as hard as I am able, learn stuff and have romances and dalliances with women way out of my league.
    I know that from since the very birth of our great country, men and women have laid down the very last thing they owned: their lives, for my ability to do all of the above.
    I am grateful for their sacrifice, and I for one will never forget.

  5. Hope all of you who planned to go to parades can do so.

    Every single parade around here has been cancelled, as heavy rains (influenced by Tropical Depression Bonnie, how hugging the coast of South Carolina) are expected this afternoon.

  6. To all the avid American iotwreport readers/followers, I wish you a good Memorial Day and to thank all those warriors who gave their lives in the ultimate sacrifice. The real hero is the common soldier, sailor, marine and air force man that gave there lives with uncommon valor and not to the politicians who give speeches then head back to the golf course.

  7. Very thankful for the dedicated U.S. military personnel who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom and liberties.
    Bing home page has a beautiful display in honor of Memorial Day – worth a look.
    @scr_north, thanks for your respect for America despite all of our horrible miss steps lately.

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