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Weak Men Breakdown the Family and Destroy Society

The Federalist

The state grows by family failure. The ideologies that make for an all-competent state demand family failure and call it freedom.” These are the sobering words of writer and professor Anthony Esolen, whose new book, “No Apologies: Why Civilization Depends on the Strength of Men,” argues that the collapse of a strong and effective understanding of manhood has hurt the well-being not only of men but of women and children too. More

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  1. I would emphasize that society fails for want of Godly men. The rise of feminism is/was in response to unGodly men; men who duck out when the going gets tough; who sin against women and society, in general.

    The subject is men. Would say the same thing about unGodly women. Just as big a failure.

    That’s why I pray for everyone to be called by our Lord Jesus.

  2. Although AA is quite right, it goes beyond that.

    From the first day a boy enters school, he is beat down and indoctrinated with a message that he is suspect, toxic, unruly, and in need of \”fixing\”. When he is old enough to enter social media, turn on the TV, or go on the internet, that same message is echoed, the aggression innate in all males is the cause of the world\’s miseries. And if the boy is white……….forget about it.

    Strong boys need strong fathers to teach them the basics; respect women, value honesty and fair play, protect those that need it, apply yourself in all things, and do good for its own sake.

  3. @Rich Taylor, what you said is exactly why I homeschooled our son K-12 and have never had a tee vee. Our son is now a 29 year old man with a wife who loves and appreciates him. He is a hard-working and good young man and I have my husband to thank for working hard and being an excellent role model for our son; it was worth every penny I did not earn to stay home.

  4. Strong men, in today’s society, are frowned upon not unlike the way school districts like to treat type A, full of shit and vinegar boys. I know, I got two of them through public school. That was when the zero tolerance bull shit first started. I could tell some good stories.

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  6. what’s the old saying?

    Hard Times make Strong Men
    Strong Men make Good Times
    Good Times make Weak Men
    Weak Men make Hard Times

    cinch up your chinstraps, boots … it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  7. Contraire, strong men strengthen the family and build upon the American dream.

    People that allow themselves to be indoctrinated by weak-minded assholes are a detriment to society in general.

  8. Michael Voris did a piece on this exact subject a few weeks ago
    Weak men suck
    The absolute bane of Western civilization is weak men, losers who are so self-absorbed that they are content to watch an entire way of life crumble so they can get off on their wealth or porn or power trips or whatever. They wouldn’t know the meaning of the word “sacrifice” — as in for others — if it bit them in the face.


  9. It’s women with their stupid knee jerk emotional based voting that are fucking up our world. However I am sure the Demonrat sissy boys vote exactly how their female bosses tell them…

  10. When I was in high school in the 70’s a speaker from NOW came to give us a speech.
    She said their goal was to do away with the need for men.
    Couple that with the Communist Manifesto’s claim that being a wife and mother is a form of slavery and you’ve got today’s culture.

    Everyone who says schools beat down boys is correct. They are expected to behave more like the girls. Happy to sit for hours at a time reading and coloring and all the rest.
    Having brought up two boys and a girl we saw it every day.


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