Wealthy Connecticut town bans ‘for sale’ signs on homes on market

FOX: Realtors in one upper-crust New England town where celebrities and CEOs live side-by-side on well-kempt estates are so worried about the housing market that they have taken the counter-intuitive step of banning “for sale” signs.

The Board of Realtors in New Canaan, Conn., where Harry Connick Jr., Paul Simon and NBC newsman Brian Williams have homes, voted to take down all such signs by July 1, and the Town Council could make it an ordinance after a six-month trial period.

“I haven’t heard of anyone who thinks this is crazy,” one local resident told Fox News. “If you drive around this town, it looks like a yard sale. It just looks bad. It starts to look ugly and desperate. And I don’t think it’s helping anyone sell their homes.”

Residents say the signs are not only ugly, but inceasingly unnecessary in an age when potential buyers do much of their searching online, rather than driving around looking for homes marked to move.  more

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  1. Sounds like a freedom of speech issue. Having a big fancy all important home is speech saying your somebody SPECIAL. Lets make all the house exactly the same, so no one speaks too loudly as to how important they ARE!

  2. “If you drive around this town, it looks like a yard sale. It just looks bad.”

    Hey Sleepyheads,
    Drove across America last 8 years? What did you see?
    The For Sale signs been up forever since we got sold out by folks just like what live in your fancy neighborhood.

    We hired a New Real E-state Wizard. . . Donald J. Trump.


  3. This is supposed to be Law in La Jolla as well. Why not, every good Realtor knows the listings in an uppper crust market and they know before the signs would go up.

  4. In addition to the no real estate signs there are laws, in my village, that you cannot park overnight on the street, have rummage or garage sales, house address must be visible from street, no leaf burning…just to name a couple of laws built into the code.


  5. They don’t want anyone to know they are bleeding residents.

    How will the illegals and the muslims 0bama brought in know where to squat?
    How rayciss!

  6. The sign law won’t stanch the bleeding.
    Prospective ome buyers check the property taxes posted on public websites (or they ask their agent what the taxes are).
    THAT is what will scare buyers away from a CT town, and from every other liberal shithole.

    Hey, maybe Trump’s liberation of NoKo will yield a wave of wealthy refugees that will flock to New Canaan !

  7. frankly, I think ‘For Sale’ signs are a blight …. just as I think billboards, concert signs, election signs, yard-sale signs, housing development signs, event signs are also blights
    … there is that pesky ‘free-speech’ thingy though … darn it (why can’t we more like England & just ban everything some of us don’t agree with?)

    but, then again, I always listen to those that aren’t experts in a particular field of capitalism to guide my judgement … (sarc/off)

  8. No problem, just put up a sign that says “Se Vende” and dare those racists to make you take it down.


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