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Weaponization of the legal system reaches a new level

Washington Times:
Mike Davis-

If we are to believe the news, the district attorneys in Fulton County, Georgia and Manhattan will soon announce indictments of Donald Trump. 

The New York indictment looks especially imminent. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is hellbent on charging Mr. Trump. In fact, the New York City District Attorney’s office has been searching for any way to charge the former president since 2017. The investigation has poured over President Trump’s personal and business life. They’ve reportedly settled on charging Donald Trump for the non-crime of his attorney Michael Cohen paying Stormy Daniels settlement money.

Even The New York Times admits the case is a stretch: “The case against the former president hinges on an untested and therefore risky legal theory involving a complex interplay of laws.”

It doesn’t matter. Donald Trump is uniquely evil to the liberal prosecutors in New York. Mark Pomerantz, who investigated Donald Trump for the New York City District Attorney’s office, reveals in his book that he was asked in 2017 to join the DA’s office for the sole purpose of going after Mr. Trump. Mr. Pomerantz wrote that, unlike prosecuting “killers,” the prospect of prosecuting Mr. Trump made him emotional, as Mr. Trump “disgusted” him.

The now-former prosecutor wrote that he “would have paid the District Attorney’s Office for the opportunity to prosecute President Trump.” 

This zeal to go after the political opponents of the Democrat Party while ignoring real criminals starts with the leadership in the Manhattan DA’s office. The New York Post found that “soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has downgraded more than half his felony cases to misdemeanors — while also managing to lose half of the felony cases that do reach court.” MORE

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  1. Paying hush money to Miss Horse Face is not a crime, and is easily explained, but the way it was documented as “Legal Fees”, this is harder to explain. And what’s really going to piss the jury off is if Trump sticks with his story that he didn’t fuck that bitch.

    In both cases, a conviction is not the goal, it would be nice but is only secondary. Continue the barrage of bad press, keep Trump’s suspected criminality on the front pages for the next 2 years, tie him up in court, and keep him distracted, mired in legal entanglements. Many voters will think,”Where there is smoke there is fire” and will vote democrat.

  2. We have officially become a Banana Republic… and not the store.

    I wonder how much more “Our Betters” are going to poke the bear. The weaponization of authority against political opponents only has one ending…. and it isn’t going to be a happy one. We will NOT be voting ourselves out of our current tyrannical situation.

  3. “The case against the former president hinges on an untested and therefore risky legal theory involving a complex interplay of laws.”

    No shit. It doesn’t matter, all they need is a far left progressive judge, and they are thick on the ground in NY. This has just as much to do with us as it does with Trump. They are trying to bait us into something big so they can come down on us hard.

  4. If democraps didn’t cheat, lie, obfuscate, backstab, coerce, blackmail, bribe or otherwise do underhanded, illegal, Satanistic, unscrupulous deeds they would NEVER be in power…..AND they KNOW it.

  5. Political polarization is starting to reach a point not seen since the end of the antebellum era. Each perceived or real slight is ratcheted up and it becomes harder and harder to seek political answers and thus the powder keg only grows.

  6. “They are trying to bait us into something big so they can come down on us hard.”

    If you start something “big”, we make sure there are none of them left to do jack shit.

    This is the ONLY way we win.

  7. GWB’s boy John will ‘nail Don to the Cross” if it is appealed!
    Ronny was right 75 years ago, ” … THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!”!!

  8. “ Paying hush money to Miss Horse Face is not a crime, and is easily explained, but the way it was documented as “Legal Fees”, this is harder to explain.”

    There you go again. You can expense legal fees. I’m sure one of his accountants did it with out him knowing.

    Amen brother.

  9. If the FUCKING liberals had even a tiny fraction of proof against Trump that we have against THEM, they would be scorched earth, rabidly, relentlessly and unconditionally attacking him.

    Although, it would be difficult to tell the difference in their behavior.

  10. Boys, it’s over. It’s all over. Our nation is no longer our nation. Time to get the fuck out and start anew.

  11. “There you go again. You can expense legal fees. I’m sure one of his accountants did it with out him knowing.”

    Except that he did know. Michael Cohen already testified in his own trial that Trump told him to record the 130 Grand as “Legal Expenses”. Anything else?

  12. Rich Taylor

    And you trust Michael Cohen over Trump? I don’t. You should just come out and announce you’re a Bush Republican. If I look up weak sister in my Funk And Wagnel there’s a picture of Michael Cohen.
    By the way, virtually every candidate running for the Republican nod has come out strongly against this bull shit. Except one. Guess who that is. He just lost every single Maga voter.

  13. Oh, here we go, more name-calling………….so tedious and so un-original.

    Do I believe Cohen? Of course not, but you said Trump did not know (without any facts to back that up, mind you).

    My original comment was,” but the way it was documented as ‘Legal Fees’, this is harder to explain”. Now anybody with a minimal grasp of the English Language can understand that “harder to explain” does not mean “impossible to explain”.
    But you just couldn’t help yourself from taking a shot.

    I honestly don’t know why you have turned pugilistic lately and calling me a Bush Republican is just too stupid for words.

  14. I’m not sure labeling is name calling. You obviously have an axe to grind with Trump. You’re constantly negative about the man. And at the same time support a guy that’s backed by the Bush Globalist agenda. You jumped on this train way early. I’m thinking it’s because you not necessarily know much about the new kid in town, more because you just hate Trump. And that’s fine. Just don’t act butt hurt when you’re faced with the other side of the story. Must be those mean tweets. There’s only one America First Candidate. And that’s Trump.

  15. Let’s see, DeSantis should come out IMMEDIATELY and defend a man who in the past three months has called him a new world order shill, a groomer, and even praised Charlie Crist over him?
    Oh, and most recently was workshopping childish, juvenile nicknames for the governopr of Florida who won by 19.4 points.
    So PLEASE fucking spare us the bitching about who should defend whom.

    Ask John McCain about how disrespect works.
    Trump may figure it out some day but seems unlikely at this point.

  16. “But you just couldn’t help yourself from taking a shot.”

    Why am I trying to “Help My Self”? That’s a fucking weird thing to type. This may come to qite a shock to you but I cod give a shit less about what this community thinks about what I type. Why? Becase I know I’m right and you have no legit reference to any of this. But that doesn’t stop you from typing total bull shit.
    Again, Trump International is a for profit cooperation. They probably employ 100 to 250 accountants. The expedient thing to do is expense that charge. But how would you know?

  17. “You obviously have an axe to grind with Trump”


    “And at the same time support a guy that’s backed by the Bush Globalist agenda”

    I will support the nominee, whoever it is, which I’ve said here about half a dozen times.

    “more because you just hate Trump”

    Nope, just you reaching again. Anybody that has read any of my comments over the years would not make such an illogical assumption.

    “There’s only one America First Candidate. And that’s Trump.”

    Of those that have declared I would agree with you.

  18. “Let’s see, DeSantis should come out IMMEDIATELY and defend a man who ‘

    Nope, I hope he doesn’t. He will pay the political price. Elon is correct. Again. I’m hoping they perp walk him. I’m sure our resident Bushies will applaud. You two underestimate MAGA.

  19. “The expedient thing to do is expense that charge.”

    But you have zero, none, nada, quadusch evidence that this is what he did, you are just spitballing, some defense. Michael Cohen has testified under oath that he got orders from Trump himself to record hush money as “Legal expenses”. This will be part of the indictment. Will it hold up in court? I doubt it but it might be a problem and that’s all I said in the above comment.

  20. Just read every fucking post you’ve ever made. I can’t believe you went there.
    Let’s flip a bitch here. You provide one Pro Trump post you’ve ever made. You can’t. I get it. Just don’t try and act like you’re MAGA. You’re not.

  21. See, Brad, this just proves that your attention span is in the nano-seconds. Just yesterday on the “House releases its energy bill” thread, I posted at 12:16pm where I praised the shit out of Trump and pined for the days when he would return. Take a look at it, but yeah, Bush Republican.

  22. The lines have been drawn here at IOTW. Rich and LOCO are anti Trump and Pro DeSantis. We can move on from here.

  23. Do you realize you silly you sound? That was just one post and I could find several others just like it. Admit it, Loco was right. I didn’t see it right away but I do now. If a fellow conservative deviates one degree from Brad faith, then he is a nazi, a liberal, or worse a Bush Republican.

  24. Rich, Brad is one of those insufferable Californians that talk and think like an insufferable New Yorker.
    His brain cannot process nuance and divergent thoughts.
    No gray areas for him.
    He is a AND logic gate.
    OR gates do not compute in his single-bit processor mind.

  25. Brad, be a grown-up and read what I posted, If you are at all honest with yourself you will admit that emotion got the best of you and I really don’t hate Trump, even in Brad world.

  26. Rich Taylor
    Keep typing. You have your fans here. But not one MAGA person is falling for the bull shit. We’ve read it all.

  27. “Rich, Brad is one of those insufferable Californians that talk and think like an insufferable New Yorker.”

    Exactly. I’m stoopid.

  28. Truth be told, a venn diagram of all 3 of our beliefs would be almost a perfect circle, so it stretches credulity to think that a minuscule line separating us could drive Brad to vapors, resorting to stupid labels.

  29. “You have your fans here”

    But you see, I’m not here for that. I come here to commiserate with fellow conservatives to toss around ideas about how we can re take the power and get our country back on track. It is you that wants to act just like the libs, to divide us into tribes and bicker. I’m not at all for that.

  30. But Rich doesn’t understand cooperate structure and bi laws or cooperate tax deductions. That doesn’t keep him from running his mouth about them in an an Anti Trump spin. You guys need to man up and identify your politics. And they are solidly anti Trump.

  31. TBH, I don’t want to be at loggerheads with anyone here, we are all on the same side. We have eyes and have seen what Democrats have done to our great nation, it makes me sick. Bickering is not only counter productivitve but it distracts from the objective, and personally, I don’t like it.

  32. “And they are solidly anti Trump”

    I give up. You clearly can’t read, wrap yourself with that blanket of delusion if it brings you comfort.

  33. Agreed Rich, I’ve already stated how pissed I am about this and that I think we should rally around Trump.
    I also stated that DeSantis is not required to vehemently defend someone who shits all over him.
    That said, I fully expect DeSantis to come out with a statement decrying the weaponization of the justice system and that it will destroy everything the country stands for.
    Who wants to bet against me?

  34. Every once and a while I will wait a day and then re-read a thread that I was active in and say to myself,”Gee, I was indelicate here or could have expressed myself better there”. Brad will scoff because his heels are dug in but I hope he comes to realize that intransigence is a weakness and that “good” is not the enemy of “perfect”.

  35. If you two clowns want to try and pass as Pro Trumpers here, in this community, go ahead. It’ll make for a good laugh.
    I’m good with you’re supporting DeSantis. Others here are too. Stop the bull shit.

    I’ve been in biz for over thirty years. We built it up to a 12 mil a year concern. And then had to shrink back. Why, China and Globalists. Which Mr Patrol Car Rich claims don’t exist. “Same thing as the left screaming racists.” I know my enemies. And Trump ain’t one of them. Rich I could write books about what you don’t fucking know about China.

  36. Rich, years ago I drank a lot more and would cringe at some of the stuff I wrote the night before.
    Some were hilarious and others “indelicate” as you say.
    I rarely do that anymore.
    Yes, I still get drunk but I am more conscientious in my words.

  37. I think if I was arguing on a lefty site, yes I would be more antagonistic, more insulting, I’d figure they deserve it, lacking in any critical thinking skills as they are. But I was never into name calling, to me that displays a limited ability in expressing yourself and making a point. But some still do that, too bad.

  38. I’m concerned if Trump would have to be taken into custody. Will he have secret service protection or just prison/jail guards? Will he be Epsteined in some way?

  39. manbearpig

    I share the same concerns. I’ve read the SS is having an internal debate on to cuff him or not. I wish he had private security instead of the SS. Just another .Gov institution. Bottom line, he has to be stopped at all costs. I’m hoping he survives this.

  40. If they cuff Trump it is ONLY for show. That much is certain.
    He will be a 77 year old man surrendering willingly.
    These assholes can’t wait for a mugshot, which I hope looks like a Glamour Shot.
    One that Trump should use commercially himself.

    If they cuff a former President, all bets are off for the USA’s continuous existence.
    It will NEVER be the same.

  41. Meanwhile back at the ranch, remember to say Welcome to the New Communism of the 21st Century and also remember they really don’t give a shit who you support cuz the only thing that matters is Who Counts The Votes while they continue to ignore our laws and our Constitution!

  42. LOL: Pelosi sez Trump must answer for his crimes. I say to that: “Don’t start no mess, won’t be no mess.”

    How is it a crime to characterize payments made to an attorney for his service in executing an NDA as “legal fees”?

    Well, he paid the $300k in installments, thus committing the “crime” of “structuring”.

    But the payments were not illegal or for an illegal purpose.

    Ah, but by this characterization, Trump hid the existence of the NDA from public scrutiny which defrauded the good people of New York of important information about his fitness for office. This is now the horrendous crime of an illegal campaign contribution.

  43. “Law is now a technical means for the achievement of specific political aims.”

    “Law is merely an ‘arcanum dominatus,’ a means for the stabilization of power.”

    (Behemoth – The Structure and Practice of National Socialism, 1933-1944; Neumann)

    We have become that which we abhor.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  44. This may tickle the trolls, but they are about to learn the hard way about the old Greek Proverb: Be careful of that for which you wish, you may get it.

    They think they will destroy Trump’s candidacy. I think he will pull a Hitler and put them on trial. Think 1924


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