Wearable Chair to allow the lazy to sit everywhere


Humans are now so permanently sedentary, a company has developed a “wearable chair” that lets you sit down anywhere.

The chair appears to be about as comfortable as a squatty potty and looks absolutely ridiculous, but it lets you stare at your phone in a slightly more convenient way than standing up.

Living the dream!

The chair, which is called LEX and costs $186 dollars, can only support up to 265 pounds of weight, so obese lazy people who are most likely to want to use it won’t be able to.


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  1. How do you ride a bus with it on? How about getting into your car? Does it work on uneven surfaces? What happens at the beach (shades of quicksand?…)

  2. Having both lumbar and cervical spinal nerve problems, plus one knee replacement with another one coming soon, I’d like to have one of these gadgets. However, I’m right at the upper weight limit so I’d want that deluxe heavier version @geoff the aardvark brought up.

    I can see a lot of these sold for the wrong reasons, but for the right reasons they’d be a great help!

  3. I saw this on an episode of “Last Man Standing” from a couple of years ago. Guess someone else was watching and made it work better then Kyle did.

  4. No thanks, I’ll pass.

    It sounds like a liberal invention where they are ALL TOO lazy, self-centered and always thinking of themselves.

    If there is a market for the needy…..I will applaud it.

  5. Did you see how wobbly it is? A lot of people are going to fall over and break something. Then, lawsuits. Besides, “sitting is the new smoking.”

    Get up and get moving! (Gets up for a refill…)

  6. Might come in handy for waiting to get into a Trump rally.
    16 hours plus. Sell it for half to those who didn’t get in.

  7. PHenry, that is a perfect use for one of those. Loco and I stood for 13 hours by the time it was all said and done. I’d have paid $500.00 for one that day. In fact, I bet I could have sold a truckload of them for $500.00 that day.

  8. @J6
    When I was a kid my school was near Orange Grove and Colorado in Pasadena where the floats turned for the Rose Parade. Friends house was basically there and we sold parking. One space we sold was to a guy who immediately recruited us to sell soft cushioned and backed seats to those on those awful bleachers.

    I was a mini millionaire at 13.

  9. The Brits have had folding seats on canes and umbrellas for years, and they don’t make you look like an idiot with a contraption strapped to your ass. What else you got?

  10. why not just stick a broomstick up your ass & be done w/ it?

    … just cut it off @ the proper height … home depot sells ’em … you can even hire a contractor there to cut if for you, if you are bit ‘woodsmith-challenged’

  11. Molon, can you imagine the potential at a gay pride parade? Another mini lotto win. You could attach springs as an accessory and double the price.

  12. This is smart design of the moment. Many people need a chair such as this is. My mom could have used one.

    When does it turn into AI though?

  13. Millions (if not not tens of millions) suffer with peripheral neuropathy which is when multiple peripheral nerves become damaged which limits the distance of walking and needing to sit (rest).
    I’m all for this device!
    Of course, fortunately, I am not currently of a planet size dimension (standard Walmart customer) or in search of reaching maximum density.

  14. Yes, those lazy octogenarians my wife and I had to wait with for an hour in an airport for the dummytard Viking Cruise Lines people to load on a bouncy-bus would have loved to have lounged about on such devices.


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