Webb Telescope Shows the Pillars of Creation Like You’ve Never Seen Them – IOTW Report

Webb Telescope Shows the Pillars of Creation Like You’ve Never Seen Them

The Webb Space Telescope has just imaged what might be its most iconic target yet: the Pillars of Creation, a monumental arm of the Eagle Nebula.

The pillars are so-named for their magnitude. They are light-years-long tendrils of gas and dust that reach out like the grand fingers of a cosmic hand. The recent image, taken by Webb’s Near-Infrared Camera, or NIRCam, highlights the bright red sites of new star births. more h/t NAAC

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  1. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. –Romans 1:20

  2. Is that the second part of the Webb(ster) Hubble investigation system? Turned outward and not inward lest we see the through the cloud of deception that enshrouds us?

  3. The universe is not only expanding, but expanding faster. This means that with time, nobody will be able to spot other galaxies from Earth, or any other vantage point within our galaxy.

    “We will see distant galaxies moving away from us, but their speed is increasing with time,” Harvard University astronomer Avi Loeb said in a March 2014 Space.com article.


    If you ever get a chance to listen to Avi Loeb’s lectures, he’s worth the listen. The Big Bang Theory is just that a theory. There’s plenty of evidence for God’s creation., I believe creation over making something out of chaos. Pictures are pretty to look at, but they have no idea how the universe was created.

  4. The only thing expanding is your waistline. If you focks can deny climate change is not happening I can say universe expansion is a myth. How ya like those apples.

  5. I got my education at D Jackas Trump University so exactly what are you claiming. Best take it up with their English department. Oh oh thats right sued, closed down & bankrupt.

  6. God’s creation is magnificent to behold.
    And Clod, this has nothing to do with the climate hoax pushers who claim if we give them more money they can control the weather.
    If that were true, they’d be able to control this nebula.

  7. I’m a member of the infinite clock, infinite, yet expanding, dynamical space club – where God is more amazing than our tiny brains can imagine. (And yes, there are physicists working on the math for such a theory!)

  8. Mr. Happy OCTOBER 20, 2022 AT 8:58 AM

    Thank you for that.

    I’m supremely surprised that creation itself isn’t enough proof of God’s existence.

    It seems so obvious to me.

    You have to have crazy faith to believe it all happened by itself from nothing and for no reason. Way more faith than believing in the Creator and the miracle of your own existence.


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