“Webcam Model” Unintentionally Shoots Herself In The Nethers


A police report has revealed that webcam model Lauren Hunter Daman, 27, accidentally shot herself in the vagina earlier this month.

A police report chronicling the bizarre incident revealed that a Georgia woman working as a webcam model for several adult sites accidentally shot herself in the vagina earlier this month, in what a witness says is a porn video that went horribly wrong.

According to the report, cyber girl Lauren Hunter Daman, 27, accidentally fired the weapon, a 9mm pistol, while she was alone in her bedroom on the morning of November 9 while several of her housemates were home. More

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  1. That’s new and novel way to clean the gene pool without winning a Darwin Award. Even if she lives (and I presume she has), she’ll be in no condition to give birth.

  2. Gives an additional meaning to “negligent discharge”.

  3. Who the fuck wrote this garbage article? It reads like a random set of sentences grabbed out of a bag and put together into an “article”. FFS, it’s bad enough that I have to call a man a woman or a woman a man but can we at least have some expectation that an article in the English language will make sense?

  4. Did she take lessons from Alec Baldwin?

    Shooting yourself in the hoo hah is no way to go through life, honey.

  5. Yeah. There are all sorts of sprays, creams, powders, and washes if the TV ads are any indication. You usually don’t try to pick off the tiny little critters with a pistol.

  6. Wish we could do away with “accidentally shot” BS in all these stories. There is no such thing. A gun could misfire if dropped or knocked and somehow the hammer engages, but if it is in the hands of a person, it is never by accident. A person may not have intended to shoot someone or something but that is not the same thing. If you put your finger on the trigger and pull, that is no accident.

  7. Leave It To Beaver

    Close Shave

    Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

    Sex Pistols

    Shoot Now, Asked Questions Later

    This Is Not The Vajazaling You Are Looking For

  8. About 20 or more years ago an off duty Spokane deputy Sheriff getting his haircut at Dan’s barber shop, a local barber college accidentally shot himself in the foot when his gun discharged. It was quite a story for a while about how a doofus Deputy shot himself in the foot while getting a haircut. I used to get my hair cut at Dan’s years ago because it was cheap but you never knew what kind of haircut you would get and sometimes it felt like it was prank day every day because of a lot of the rookie barbers, but they did have one Asian female barber who was excellent and who went on to open her own barber shop. And there was an old older black guy there who would shine your shoes as well and a calico shop cat who was friendly with all the customers.

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