Weekend At Lightfoot’s: 104 Shot, 19 Killed

Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.
Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend Of Year With 104 Shot, 19 Killed.

MAGAconservatives: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lost control of the city and the respect of the residents long ago and all that is left is to wait for her to be voted out of office. Sadly for many, that will come too late as the out-of-control violence will continue until the city gets new leadership.

Lightfoot is overmatched for the job and the Dem machine-controlled aldermen are starting to revolt, which is never a good sign for an unpopular mayor. Even Jesse Jackson told her she needs to find a solution after the weekend’s carnage, and soon, and that is not good for Lightfoot as Jackson still has some influence in the city.

Chicago just saw its deadliest and most violent weekend of the year. The Fourth of July saw over 100 people shot with 19 of them killed. But it gets worse for Lightfoot. Among the wounded were at least 13 children. And two Chicago police supervisors.  more here

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  1. At least Jussie Smollett hasn’t been assaulted by two white guys wearing MAGA hats for several years. That’s real progress.

  2. Gotta be honest. I just Googled her Resume and it’s fairly impressive. Several sources paint a picture of a driven young woman determined to succeed. Not what I expected. Was she ever in the private sector creating jobs? Nope. But she did work her ass off thru school, holding multiple jobs. Is she qualified to be a mayor? Hell no. But after reading her shit her racism charges are a deflection because she knows she sucks.

  3. Somebody should post a picture of every dead victim, and every wounded. Please, let’s not pretend the Chicago PD doesn’t already have most of them on file. Might as well include the rap sheet…..

  4. How about a list of the illegal narcotics funneled into these same neighborhoods.
    Hard to have a crack whore, without crack.

  5. ” … a dark-colored vehicle drove by and someone from inside pulled out a gun and fired shots … “

    a ‘dark-colored vehicle’? … man, dat shit be raciiiiiiisis

  6. Southside Johnny, you sound like a really “intelligent” guy. Explain brother on brother, asshole. Oh right, whitey’s fault. Fuck off, it’s 2021. Enjoy Biden.

  7. Southside Johnny will never get the point.

    Keep your breath to cool your porridge. Johnny will go by the way of the wastrels. He’s already there.

  8. Mexican train is right.

    A .183 batting average for the whole team?

    :throws beer onto field: “YOU SUCK!”

  9. “…pretty much normal for Chi-town.”
    Ok Einstein, “Chicago just saw its deadliest and most violent weekend of the year.” … but for you it’s ‘normal’

    “… I know for a fact you guys are just extremely happy … “
    really? … you ‘know for a fact’ what everyone here thinks? way to go! set up your Fortune Teller booth now!

    “This has been going on for a very long time …
    kinda think that’s the point Einstein … keep voting for the same shit for decades, get the same shit for decades … you jackweasles have even turn parts of Texas into shitholes …. congratulations

    now go tell me that the rape of the western US waters to feed the wasteful corruption of LA is a ‘necessary thing’

    … putz

  10. Something tells me if I was ever fortunate enough to get the contract to eradicate the 180,000 gang members out of Chicago Southside Johnny’s name would be on that list.

  11. “You won’t see the morning, your end up in lot in Indiana pushing up daisies.”

    That’s a direct threat.

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  12. The Brothers
    LOL, seen you guys shoot. It will only take one of us. You suck. Quit wasting fucking ammo. There’s a shortage assholes.

  13. It’s .183 like you posted.

    I could walk up to this guy and let him put the barrel of a semi-auto to my forehead and he still only has a 1 in 10 chance of killing me or just severely wounding me.

    If I was across the street at an outdoor cafe and this guy started poppin’ off, I could safely finish dessert without even worrying about ricochets.


    As if.

    :goes back to reading newspaper in middle of Chicago firefight:

  14. ^^^^Worse. I can’t find anywhere in the Glock manual that says hold the gun parallel to the ground. What in the exact fuck?

  15. Remember BFH opined there is “something wrong” with Eric Swalwell? (BFH was absolutely right.)

    In that vein, Lori Lightfoot really is a dumbass. She is not smart at all. She knows a few words to say here and there, but when you listen to her talk at length (unscripted) you realize her IQ is shockingly low.

    Voting machines – and Soros/Chicomm money – put her in office.

  16. I think this is a couple or one of our readers trolling us. They think it’s funny. I don’t. Shit’s far to serious for class fucking clowns crap.

  17. You need opposable thumbs to hold firearm vertically.

    Yes, I just wrote that.

    I regret nothing.

  18. The only thing wrong with Groot is that she is a very angry black lesbian.
    As hard as she has worked all her life, she knows she’ll never be normal.
    Chicago pays the price.

  19. Pick-em-ups full of honkey rednecks gunning down peaceful negroes?

    There oughta be a law!

    izlamo delenda est …

  20. Southside Johnny can’t keep up and has nothing clever to contribute so he gets attention by provoking people.
    Try another approach Johnny, learn from the masters, for example Larry the Lib. He can actually be funny!

  21. Couple things

    To Anonymous – Its Cook County, so election shenanigans are baked in, but You should have seen the rest of the imbeciles and fools that ran against her. For those who thought the democrats primary in 2020 was a cast of clowns, Ringling Brothers must have supplied the mayoral candidates.

    The weekend numbers keep rising. They must be still finding bodies

  22. And how many were murdered by the police? That’s right zero. No free big screens for you.
    Turning the jungle into a desert.

  23. You think monkeys, mosquitoes, and lions are bad? That’s just the beginning. I’ve seen things you’ve only seen in your nightmares. Things you can’t even imagine. Things you can’t even see. There are things that hunt you in the night. Then something screams. Then you hear them eating, and you hope to God that you’re not dessert.

  24. BUT, BUT, BUT President* is coming to speak here today!

    That will fix everything…!

    Any possibility of starting a go fund me page for bail money so I can attend?

    Yeah Anymouse is begging for money again Brad…
    Why oh why do I poke the bear?
    (McHenry County College) A true security nightmare for his detail.
    Google earth the location…

    Excuse me, I have to go now, the dogs are barking and there seems to be some people coming to my hou……

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