Weiner fails to appear at sex-offender registry appointment

BLP: The disgraced former congressman is required to register as a sex offender per the terms of his plea agreement for sexting an underage girl.

Recently-freed sex offender and former congressman Anthony Weiner failed to show up for his appointment to register as a sex offender, according to a Wednesday report.

“Sources told The Post that Weiner had arranged a noon appointment at the Sex Offender Monitoring Unit at Manhattan Supreme Court a block away, where officials waited through their lunch hour for him,” according to The New York Post. 

Weiner reportedly has 10 days from his release to register with office.  more here

20 Comments on Weiner fails to appear at sex-offender registry appointment

  1. This guy, if nothing else, is entertaining. I just can’t wait to see what he fucks up next.

  2. More than one way Weiner’s “laptop” has landed him in trouble.
    AG Barr has a list and he’s checking it twice.
    And go register as a sex offender you creep

  3. Plan a date and the Weiner doesn’t show up when expected. Wasn’t that an episode on the Dr. Ruth show?

  4. He had classified docs on his computer. IG said don’t bother you’re going to be locked up for a long time unless you cooperate. Hillary had him offed.

  5. Man we got alot of comedy writers
    up in here.Real good stuff.Makes me
    laugh.Dr. Jordon Radioation Peterson
    here,Trouble is what you have to study
    and learn from this is the fact there
    are fellow citizens that voted for this
    bat crap crazy commie pervert degenerate.

  6. The deviant buffoon just can’t seem to avoid any banana peel he happens upon. He’s a unwitting comic genius.


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