Weiner has premature emancipation from prison


Anthony Weiner is no longer behind bars, but the disgraced ex-U.S. Congressman still has a few months in federal custody before he’s freed … still earlier than originally expected.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Weiner’s been transferred out of a Massachusetts prison and into the custody of a Bureau of Prisons residential re-entry center in New York. We’re told he’s either in a halfway house or home confinement.

Weiner’s now in pre-release status, which inmates often get as they approach the end of their federal sentence. The purpose is to prepare them to transition back into society.

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24 Comments on Weiner has premature emancipation from prison

  1. …were it MY daughter he was trying to rape, I’d be SURE to be on hand when he’s released, just to welcome him back into society, dontcha know; but I’d be a bit conflicted as to whether to send greetings downrange from a high window or be waiting near the sally port to provide a more PERSONAL touch…

  2. He’ll fit right in to Congress now. I hear he wants his computer back seeing that the fbi kept his pictures for themselves.

  3. Should’ve electrocuted away his sex drive before releasing him. Needs to be done to all pedophiles.


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