Weinstein has a squirrel in his pants

It occurred to me the Las Vegas shooting has disappeared from the front page, replaced by the Weinstein story.

Why, since the Weinstein story isn’t new, did it break now?  Wag The Dog stuff?
LV is totally quiet,  replaced by salacious, headline grabbing, moral outraging, titillating, not particularly important crap about Hollywood.  It’s a wide enough story that everyone can jump in with their own particular reason to be outraged, to smirk, about it.   Yee haa.  We can all ride that horse.
And LV flies away like dust in the wind. – All Too Much

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  1. This roll out of an investigation and the story aren’t going away until all the pieces fit. I can’t begin to believe anything said until I see a few things,like Jose Campos the security guy ?

  2. Nahhh…if it were just a need for a “squirrel!” moment, they wouldn’t have to sacrifice a powerful Leftist, much less Leftists as a whole in Hollywood.

    Hollywood? Change it to HARVEYWOOD!

  3. Czar – I think that Harvey Wood…
    I dunno about any squirrels, or ty-ins with Weinstein, but really, where is Jesus?
    No, I’m not having a religious moment.
    Jesus Campos hasn’t been seen since he mysteriously disappeared from the press conference last week. I just thought they yanked him to work on his story, but now it’s starting to look a little different!
    Maybe the better question is: Where is the Press demanding to know???

  4. Understandable that the news would shift, nothing new coming from the bumbling LV investigation and its natural for the vermin in media to shift focus to the salacious.

  5. Why would a cut-and -dry, lone psycho shooter need such a massive coverup? I think Weinstein was just a coincidence. Now they can’t use him when an Islamic attack occurs. If another Islamic attack ever occurs.

  6. Attacks on the Second Amendment have died down since the Weinstein affair broke. On the downside, I hear Congress is considering a Trouser Snake Control bill.

    It’s OK with me, though – I traded my full auto in for a single-shot muzzleloader a long time ago.


  7. I say it’s off the front page because they know he’s either a leftist or a converted Muslim.
    Keep a close watch on D.C. though because there are several gun control bills and it’s just like them to try and pass one of them when you’re not paying attention.
    They are never going to tell the full story about Vegas.

    Other things they no longer talk about, remember the white girl in Mississippi who was burned alive? They had a trial for the black guy who was charged with killing her, a black guy who is also in jail charged with murdering an Asian girl in Louisiana. The trial ended with a hung jury yesterday when the judge finally made the jury understand what unanimous meant. It was comprised of 6 men 6 women, 6 black, 6 white. They came in with a not guilty verdict and when the judge asked if they all agreed on the verdict, one juror said he didn’t agree, they started polling the jury and the majority said guilty. Judge gave them instructions 3 times explaining they must be unanimous, the last time explaining that meant all 12 jurors must agree not guilty or all 12 jurors must agree guilty and if they couldn’t agree they must tell the court in writing they couldn’t agree. How the hell can people be that stupid? How the hell can our justice system function if people aren’t smart enough to know what unanimous means? Kind of hard to expect people that stupid to understand evidence or lack of evidence?

  8. Maybe Harvey is a rabbit, not a squirrel.
    “At one point, when her daughter asks how someone possibly could imagine a rabbit, Veta says to her “Myrtle Mae, you have a lot to learn and I hope you never learn it.”
    They’re just giving out Formula 977. Or kool aid, as it is called today.
    When dealing with knots, try working with the biggest loop first, and if necessary, try to push slack into the knot itself. And if the knot can be opened, there is nothing inside!
    Provide another diversion, rinse, repeat. People forget.

  9. I noticed the same thing. All Weinstein all the time and I am sick of it. Why now when the “casting couch” has always been public knowledge? The dog is indeed being wagged.

  10. Also- don’t forget JFK.
    The National Archives has until October 28 to release the remaining documents for JFK’s assassination. If not released, they would again be ‘resealed’ for another 25 years. It is Trump’s call- what is released, and what isn’t.
    And nothing in the news about that. Too much hollywood couch going on to pay attention to that. They used the ‘not enough public interest’ argument to withhold release of more of clinton’s emails (which she claimed, under oath, didn’t exist). Wonder what they’ll come up with for this.

  11. The manipulators of national attention know that people are more attracted to sex scandals or behavior in general and of the famous or celebrities in particular than to the mass killings of unknown people by an unknown person.

    Weinstein’s behavior was known for a long time. So yeah, it sure appears the Weinstein story was held in reserve till needed to draw attention away from some other event they want fewer questions asked about.

  12. I for one am kind of sick of hearing about Weinstein and every new actress/actor who was sexually assaulted, it’s becoming almost like, “oh everyone was assaulted, I need to join the party, ‘I was assaulted too!”

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