Weinstein’s “Assistants”

DC: Former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein used his assistants to aid his alleged sexual misconduct, according to a Tuesday New York Times report.


Weinstein’s assistants would reportedly transport his alleged victims to hotel rooms, TheNYT reported. The young actresses were advised to keep quiet, lest any word of inappropriate conduct slip out.

“They compiled ‘bibles’ that included hints on facilitating encounters with women, and were required to procure his penile injections for erectile dysfunction,” wrote the team of NYT reporters that compiled the report. “His lawyers crafted settlements that kept the truth from being explored, much less exposed.”

Many of Weinstein’s assistants were young women with little power, who would reportedly help persuade actresses and models to meet with the movie mogul in private hotel rooms with “chilling detachment.”  read more

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  1. Harvey “The Stain” only hired girls that signed the contract for job responsibilities that covered “everything else” in their “detailed” scope of duties.

    Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddd that always turned out to be one of the many scurrilous duties of a good Fluff Girl…

  2. Women with little power is the way they explain why women are victims, and it’s bullshit. It takes very little power to say no, then get up and leave the room. If they are then physically forced, THEN it’s rape, and only then. If a woman puts out because a movie mogul promises her a part in a movie, or to make her a star, and then doesnt keep his “promise”, that’s not rape, it’s not sexual assault, and it’s not harassment or misconduct; all it is, is a woman who is gullible, with poor morals, and a guy trying to get laid, and lying to do it. If that’s to be considered rape, then every male on the planet is guilty of rape.

  3. Billy & Hiily Were his Shields ! Interesting as these kind of arrangements always have a Mutual payout, so what did Harvey Shield the Clintons from ? Cocaine and other Drugs… no way that’s nothing to these people. Something Much much Bigger !

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