Weird Eared Clinton Sycophant Thinks Clinton’s #MeToo Offenses Begins and Ends With Monica Lewinsky

Stephen Colbert is a stinking mound of partisan hack and he’s comfortable with it. He doesn’t care that he gave Bill Clinton a “Monica Lewinsky” on the Tee Vee.

The fact that I can say a “Monica Lewinsky,” and everyone knows what I mean, is its own indictment of Bill Clinton.

He used his power to get off sexually with a white house intern. He covered it up, tried to influence witnesses, and then lied to the world and told his surrogates to go out and do the same. In the process he threw the girl, watching at home, directly under the bus, calling her “that woman.”

When asked about all of this by NBC’s Craig Melvin Clinton barked out an answer that universally was considered “tone deaf.”

Appearing on Colbert, the weird ear sycophant attempted to restore Clinton’s reputation by offering a “reboot” of the question so he could get it right this time, assuaging the wrath of the “haters.”

Who gets this treatment from the left? The left.

What is “tone deaf, ” however, is that these dopes think that Clinton’s problems with sexual abuse begins and ends with Monica Lewinsky.

Lewinsky is merely the tip of the… whatever.

Bill Clinton is a rapist. Period.

I believe Juanita Broaddrick. I believe them all. Clinton is a slime.

Clinton belongs in jail, as does his feckless c*nt wife.


9 Comments on Weird Eared Clinton Sycophant Thinks Clinton’s #MeToo Offenses Begins and Ends With Monica Lewinsky

  1. Phuck Patterson, Clinton, and Colbert. It’s the cheering audience that scares me the most. They don’t have a clue.

  2. I’m going say this again…

    ::wags finger::

    I do not have visual relations with that cockholster, Steven Colbert.

  3. Johnny Carson wouldn’t recognize any of these late night shows. He and Ed also wouldn’t recognize this country either. What is really scary is that most of the cheering members of the audiences get their political information and beliefs from these Leftists hacks. Clinton and Obumbler gained a lot of votes from the monologues and jokes of these ignoramuses. They all need to be forced to live in Cuba for a few years, and not allowed to return until they have completed their re-education program.

  4. Maybe bill made colbert his bitch backstage before the show – never know how low the depths of a regressive’s depravity.


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