Weirdly Anachronistic Procter and Gamble Commercial

This is an ad that might have been effective in 1963.

In 2017 it is ridiculous, and it’s insulting to nearly everyone.

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  1. They need a disclaimer: Before viewing click your heels three times and say, “Selma. Selma. Selma.”

  2. The fact that this commercial was created proves that everything the commercial is conveying is completely the opposite of reality.

  3. It’s getting to the point I’m gonna have to make all my own stuff because of everything I am boycotting. Now P&G.

  4. Remember you can do anything “THEY CAN”. Watchu talken about Willis. Seems a little racists to me. Is this another attempt to stir up a race war. Irresponsible.

  5. P&G has products that prevent blacks from shooting each other, from gangbanging, neutralizes cravings for purple drank, that raises average black IQ, prevents pregnancy at age 13, prevents 73% illegitimacy?

    What about “The Talk” that white parents give their kids to avoid blacks lest they get severely injured or killed. You think P&G will make that commercial?

  6. I wish P&G would make a commercial telling black thugs not to stick a gun in my son’s face and threaten to blow his brains out if he doesn’t give him his money and cell phone. That happened when my son was buying gas in Houston.

  7. Yeah. It sucks to be black in America today. Someday a black man will be president of the united stat states, just not in our lifetime fellow social justice warrior.

    Honestly. This shit will never end no matter what.

    But on the other hand, every day working black folk recognize this as racial pandering too.

  8. I’m banging my head against the wall. Whatever you do P&G, don’t mention rampant bad parenting, drug use, ignorance, and absentee fathers. Please leave this country if it’s so bad. I can’t take this BS any more.

  9. I thought they were going to teach the Klan how to keep their sheets looking bright and white, and teach punks how not to fade their BLM t-shirts.

    This was worse.

  10. Yeah, it’s an ugly, nasty, word and you are gonna hear it… but only from other Blacks! And if you don’t come home, statistics show it’s probably cuz of Black on Black crime!
    Get yer facts straight!

  11. When are they releasing the commercial about infant transgenders?

    Gee whiz P&G golly but it’s not 1954.

  12. What a bunch of crap! Tell it to the Black Lies Matter crowd.
    I’m 70 years old and 5 foot 10 inches tall. According to this commercial I should be able to dunk a basketball, not just a doughnut.

  13. Boycott.

    Patriots are having real effect. We control disproportionate income and purchasing power.

    Contrary to deliberate Leftist scripting/casting on commercials, we are the overwhelming Majority.
    When we decide we do not like something, we can make it wither and die.
    See Target, and ESPN, and CNN’s viewership, Megyn Kelly’s ratings, the Hilary Presidency, Occupy, trannies in the military, and there once used to be a hottie girl band called the Dixie Chicks.

    We have been leaderless for a long time. No more.

  14. Who do these mofos think they are pandering to? The purchasing public? Lefties actually believe their own bullshit, that they are a majority of Americans, in spite of being PROVEN completely wrong for YEARS. Culminating in the Trump Presidency, which shows BOTH parties are in the flipping toilet.

    D.C. is totally unaware of the REAL world, and so are those that pander tot them.

  15. When I was a kid, Phil Donahue had a tv talk show & did an episode about devil worshippers. Around that time (before email) there was a photocopied letter circulating among neighborhood grown ups about how Procter & Gamble were supporting the “Church of Satan”. This was also around the time that a kid had been murdered by devil worshippers. What I remember about that last thing was that the poor kid had rocks stuffed in his mouth. Anyone else remember? This would all have been in the early eighties, I think. Just saying that P&G has long been linked to shady stuff.

  16. Lot’s of interesting comments. At last count I have more friends of “Color” than I do with out color. Like me. So now I gotta wait to see them smile before I know we’re all still on the same page? Boycott these racist assholes.

  17. These stupid, catering-to-the-lowest-common-denominator hipsters who made this commercial LONG for the days of racism so that they can: a) have something to bitch about; and b) feel like heroes taking a righteous stand. This is because: a) they have led such pampered lives that they romanticize suffering/have no idea what it’s like; and b) have never accomplished anything of substance and have no idea how to exhibit true moral courage. I’m so disappointed in P&G. They’ve gone full retard.

  18. Short, to the point, version: “Youse can’t use too much P&G soap to wash yoself, honeychile, because youse black.”

  19. Bout they only thing they didn’t throw in that racist commercial was a Aloha SkackBar or a assaMYAwannalicka!

  20. @Zilla:

    There was never any connection between P&G and the Church of Satan. That was just a wild rumor, and P&G successfully sued a number of people for libel for spreading it.

  21. That was utterly ridiculous and pandering and racist.
    Whites are “they”.
    Whites are bad.
    P&G loves blacks and want you to keep thinking you’re short changed.

    I think maybe P&G dug up LBJ and made him CEO.

  22. Fuck you Proctor & Gamble!
    I wonder how many blacks are on their board?

    I already can’t watch commercials because of all the “bowels” and “dark stool” talk.

    Anyone else see the Yoplait commercial about getting the “side-eye” for breastfeeding?

    Or the Special K commercial announces “women eat?” WTF!

    Let me outta here! 🙁

  23. Thank you, Proctor & Gamble for stereotyping and entire race of people….white people.

    You make a great deal of products, but I will be as diligent as possible in ensuring no one
    in my family purchases any of them. You’re not the only game in town.

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