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Weirdly Inhuman Senator Needs High Court To Tell Him If 15-Week Old Baby Is Human


In relation to an upcoming Supreme Court case concerning abortion, when asked if a 15-week-old unborn baby is a human being, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) did not answer directly but said, “I’m going to wait for the Supreme Court decision.” More

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  1. Blumenthal was a Vietnam vet, don’tcha know.
    He also fully supported the Sandy Hook false flag gun-grab op.

  2. Hey Bill Gates. If you want to “depopulate” the Earth, start with this lizard man first. And then for the good of humanity, off yourself next. Prick.

  3. Well, I don’t have to wait for the Supreme Courts decision on whether or not our political leaders actually represent the people that elect them.

  4. One of the Supreme Court decisions in Roe vs Wade clearly stated that if it can ever be medically proven when life begins then RvW can be overturned in that one persons right to PRIVACY does not override another’s right to life. Another RvW decision very clearly stated they weren’t doctors and were not considering in any way whether there was a life present at all, merely does a person have a reasonable right to privacy.
    The moment any Dem goes on record of any time frame whatsoever for when life begins then “the gig” is up.
    Liberals are mandated that they won’t provide any “guess” so that the Billion dollar a year industry of killing people will continue.
    That is why the “party of science” give such ludicrous answers like “that is above my pay grade”.

  5. Someone should have determined this POS was a clump of cells at fifteen weeks. What a waste of good air.

  6. I don’t need to wait for a Supreme Court judge to tell me that we are governed by a pack of demon filled commies.

  7. So in other woids every now and then Da Nang Dick pulls his thumb out of his ass and holds it up to see which way the wind is blowing…

  8. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd when he’s not being an anal weathervane, he uses the Magic 8 Ball for everything else!

  9. Had a debate with a fervent white red diaper doper baby.

    He vigorously defended CRT, BLM, and systemic racism with the predictable straw men, tropes, false equivalents, misdirection and lies.

    I let him prattle on until I had him at his self righteous peak and then hit him with the black genocide of abortion.

    He folded like a cheap suit, he tried to parry with weak sauce women’s right to choose, I hit him with the infants right to chose. Again check…

    His next gambit was women’s economic opportunities through abortion.

    I hit him with the opportunity cost of generations of black babies. Again check..

    I asked him what was more White Supremist than supporting the murder of viable black children in the womb? I asked him how many black Presidents, Doctors, Lawyers, and Scientists have we lost?

    Checkmate, all the usual white racist arguments fall against the truth about black abortion.

    They believe in evil, we believe in good. It’s really that simple.

  10. My unborn grandson is fully human and will be born soon sometime around late August or early September. He’s already at the the 98th percentile for his gestational age, he’s going to be a big boy and a miracle to boot. Stuff it Blumenthal you moron and STFU.

  11. All quotes of Phil Roberson:
    I want women to have a choice. Don’t spread your legs if you don’t want to get pregnant.
    If you choose to have sex and make a baby, don’t take the choice of life away from the child.
    “You have a God-given right to live inside your mother. To debate whether it’s right or wrong to rip you out of your mother’s womb? What in the world has happened to us?”
    This is the kicker:
    If you don’t believe God exists at all, about the only hope you have at all is that he not be there. That’s your hope – Maybe he’s not there. What we’re saying is ‘We trust that he is.
    You are going to die. Don’t forget that.

  12. I think it’s quite simple. If your mother had aborted you at ANY point during her pregnancy, you wouldn’t be here. That tells me when life begins.
    -Arpiem (a past iOTWreport commenter)

  13. “(Embroys) don’t behave like clumps of cells. Instead, they appear to act independently, or autonomously, of any signals from the mother’s body, whether in or out of the womb. And “clumps” don’t do that. That means, as we suspected, embryos know what they’re supposed to do to live, and they try to live, whether they’re in their mother or not.”
    – Ana Maria Dumitru

  14. If they find a single cell organism on Mars they will call it life yet they need the Supreme Court to tell them if a 10 week old baby in it’s mother’s womb is considered “life”? They are VERY sick people.

    Blumenthal sucks canal water.

  15. And who is the subprime court to decide what God’s creation is? Personal conviction comes from a relationship with the creator or lack of it. We each tell the world every day if we know Him or not and there are only two choices, yes or no.
    No one is undecided.

  16. If itz OK to kill a baby because it is attached to the Mother, then I guess it’s OK to kill people attached to public assistance… right Dicky-Boi?

  17. If he admits to not knowing the answer to that question, which he did, then his support of abortion could very well be wrong. By his very acceptance of a possible answer that does say a 15 week old fetus is a ‘baby,’ then abortions should immediately be injunctively halted until such time as proven otherwise. If, in the likelihood he does have an answer and is just too chicken shit to provide it, he is a minion of evil.
    If we have the doctrine of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ then we should certainly respect ‘alive until determined otherwise.’ But that would be science.


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