Welcome Back! No Blushes

He had some minor surgery.

A triple bypass.


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  1. Wow.

    And here I thought a triple bypass was what you did to avoid driving through New Jersey.

  2. OK ‘No Blushes’ try not to laugh too hard, but laughter is the best medicine so here goes;

    A heart surgeon was picking up his BMW from the dealer after having his engine overhauled.

    The mechanic said to him, “I can take this engine apart and put it back together just like new and it will run like a champ. Why is it that I only make $60,000 a year and you make $2,000,000?”

    The heat surgeon replied, “Try doing it through the tailpipe with the engine running, then we’ll talk.”

    Bless you and may you have a speedy recovery!

  3. @Chance – Must agree, laughter is the best medicine;
    The whole time was being asked the same question?
    Do you feel short of breath?
    Thanks to all of the IOTW family!
    Love to you all,

  4. what? a double-bypass wasn’t good enough?!?!? you had to go right to the triple-dog-dare? 😉

    glade to see you back NB!

  5. No Blushes-I am so glad you found you needed a triple bypass before it caused worse problems. Speedy recovery!

  6. A triple bypass – one short of a grand slam. Better luck next time – JUST KIDDING. Glad it was successful and you are on the road to recovery.

  7. …oh, come on, he still had TWO that weren’t blocked!

    …seriously, though, they think you’re pretty jacked up to CABG and not stent these days, so SOMEONE should be counting their blessings and striking up the bland in the kitchen today!

    My Pa joined the Zipper Club for Men and lived on for another dime, so rejoice in the time given you to live for love and the Lord, make the most of it with your dearest today, and use this time to lay up treasures in Heaven for all your tomorrows.

    Dear Lord, we thank You for the healing in Your word, we thank You for the doctors whose hands and minds You gift for healing, and we thank You for completing that healings that those doctors set in motion. We thank You for the gifts of life, for letting our brother remain among those who love him for just a little longer, and we thank You most of all for the blessed assurance You freely give of life eternal if we accept Your Son as Lord and Savior with repentance and love for when we all must lay our trophies down at last. Please bless our brother with health and happiness to the end of his days, and with the wisdom and the words to draw all he loves to You in his time, that all may one day be reunited before Your throne.

    And we ask it all in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

    God Bless,

  8. Thought it was kinda quiet around here. Welcome back. Find some nude Hillary pin ups to test that ticker!🤢

  9. Did the triple stuff 10 years ago June 10th. Please take the ICD implant when offered. I waited 2 years and wished I hadn’t. It’ll get better as you acclimate to the zipper club.

  10. @Different Tim- Testing the ticker for Judge Judy is just a big NO.
    A Clinton will kill me, LOL!
    LOL, My brother

  11. No Blushes
    MAY 25, 2020 AT 7:47 PM

    “A Clinton will kill me, LOL!”

    …on PURPOSE, no pix required…

    …but it’ll say COVID in the Death Office…

  12. So i thought my 11 ankle, 1 knee, triple hernia, and the vasectomy surgeries was something. Would not trade you yours for mine. I better finally stop smoking.

    Glad your ok bud. Get healed up.

  13. Get better or I keel you.

    But seriously, get better or I keel you!

    I think you will bounce back soon after my well wishes. ;0)

  14. Rub some dirt on it – stand up straight, and stop that nasty habit before you go blind.
    Stay strong, N.B!

  15. No Blushes welcome back to your online home.
    Your family has to be beside themselves with joy that you came through a very long ordeal.
    Praise God.
    P.S. All iOTW commenters need to remember to ask for a prayer request when you need them.
    They will come to you.
    The power of prayer works.

  16. No Blushes, here’s to a recovery full of love, patience and joy.

    And don’t let your cardiac dietician tell you that you can’t eat certain foods ever again. You are allowed to eat everything … in moderation. That’s what my sister told her cardiac rehab patients when they were sad that they couldn’t eat bacon ever again.


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