Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Dystopia, your papers please – IOTW Report

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Dystopia, your papers please

Patriot Retort-

For four years shrill, angry dimwits dressed in red robes to protest the make believe dystopia Donald Trump’s election supposedly ushered in.

“He is a dictator,” they claimed. “Bad Orange Man wants to control your lives and your bodies! RESIST!!! He must be STOPPED!”

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of leftist groups, corrupt secretaries of state, and underhanded lawyers, the dystopian cosplayers got their wish. Scary Donald Trump and his scary dystopia were stopped. Under the loving guidance our glorious new mother and father — Kamala and old Joe — America is a Utopian Paradise again!

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  1. The oligarchy is unaffected by the proletariat. The proletariat is very much affected by the oligarchy. Through the ‘global warming’ scam and the plandemic the oligarchy has determined a large minority of the proletariat will not only accept but enthusiastically endorse and join in obviously nonsense narratives. The current anti white race agitation associates with anti second amendment efforts. They must disarm the public to achieve their longer goals.

  2. ya know, Viagra warns you about having an erection for over 4 hours …

    Herr Reichsführer Fauci has had one for over a year now

  3. “Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed a declaration determining that evicting people from their homes would hamper attempts to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

  4. Since Congress has been too busy accumulating personal wealth for its members to make any substantive legislation for decades now (EOs rule this land since Clinton),
    ANYONE else is free to dabble at fascism: Dem Governors, communist NYC mayor, Public Health ‘doctors’ (a PHD in Communication will suffice as qualification), any state level ‘expert’.

  5. Vaccine passports will be the new norm wait and see. Oh the courts will say its illegal in federal and state buildings, but if its a private company they can require it if they so desire. And if pro-passport businesses and libtards start shaming the non-passport businesses well it’ll be like the mask Karens only on steroids.

  6. When even Clinton cronie Naomi Wolf is worried about where this is going you know it’s worse than we think.
    The judiciary are cowards and will claim it’s an emergency situation….forever.

  7. France 1789
    Russia 1917
    Germany 1933
    Spain 1936
    China 1949
    Cuba 1959
    &c., &c., &c.

    ALL of em invoke the “State of Emergency” to “legalize” every bestiality imaginable.
    We’ve seen (or read about) it all before – and we’re slipping into the same lie.
    What’s surprising are the numbers and the characters of the willing executioners – many who we assumed were American but are proving to be traitors.
    Another thing that’s surprising (at least to me) is how quickly and easily they stole an election, usurped a Presidency, and muzzled the Judiciary.
    We were previously aware at the fecklessness and anti-American stance of the Propaganda Arm (ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, UPI, CNN, MSNBC, &c.) of the diabolical nihilistic totalitarians, but scarcely aware of the depth of their hatreds and deceits – willing to commit Treason, disguise Treason, and defend Treason.

    But the pot is starting to boil.

    izlamo delenda est …


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