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Welfare Mom Has 52 Kids/Grand-kids

A victim of Leftist Deceptions, Promises and Betrayals

[…]Bedtime for my four younger siblings and me was 9pm. Much later one night, there was a knock at our front door. It was a relative, 9 year old Barbara who had been roaming Baltimore streets searching for her drunkard welfare mother. Dad grabbed Barbara and forced her to spend the night. Dad recently told me that he remembers Barbara’s mother saying, “I don’t have to do anything and my white man (government) brings my check every month.”

Barbara’s mom passed decades ago. Barbara is now in her sixties. I recently learned that Barbara has 52 kids and grand-kids raised on welfare without fathers. At one time, I would have criticized Barbara. But for some reason, my heart goes out to her. Barbara’s life could have been so much more. Barbara’s life is the legacy of loyalty to Democrats.

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  1. I read this earlier today and, as always, appreciate what Mr. Marcus has to say.
    He always has a powerful message.

    Aborted babies are what the Left brings to the altar as a sacrifice in worship of the earth to save the planet and poke a finger in the eye of Jesus. Make no mistake about it folks. The Left despises Jesus.
    And to the Black Lives Matter idiots, why do you Democrats vehemently defend PP, which targets black babies? Yes, 79% of PP abortion centers are in minority neighborhoods.

    His writings often remind me of the lessons from our Pastor (Nazarene) but then Marcus was raised in a Christian household with a preacher for a father.

  2. Marlin police Chief Darrell Allen shot in the head #blacklivesmatter


  3. Well if she’d kept her damn legs closed to all but a HUSBAND, or at least staggered her drunk ass to the bus stop and took a “Free” ride to the Health Dept to get herself some” Free” contraception, we wouldn’t have bitched nearly as much! But then, da Gubment (Democeaps) don’t hand out checks for NOT making fatherless black babies to perpetuate the plantation!!!

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