We’ll never be done making fun of this PETA idiocy

PETA’s demand for changing idioms so they aren’t specieist is still fodder for comedy on social media.

This tweeted meme was the fuel.

I have to say, I sort of like “stop feeding a fed horse” as an idiom. I’m not going to abandon “beat a dead horse,” but I might start peppering in “feed a fed horse” into my vernacular.

And I’m always going to pepper my chicken. Speaking of which, PETA will never get men to stop choking the chicken, especially if they recommend “choking the tofu” as the PC alternative.

There were 47,000 replies to their meme.

Here’s a few:

I’m offended on behalf of: -Test tube babies -Overweight horses -Croissants that don’t have homes -Flowers that have been groped against their will and -People who don’t know WTF a scone is! You really screwed the pooch on this one, PETA!


Thanks for showing us, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!

23 Comments on We’ll never be done making fun of this PETA idiocy

  1. So what are kids supposed to play Conservative Conservative Liberal instead of Duck Duck Goose?

    What about Pin The Tail On The Donkey?

  2. PETA – Proof that communists are hiding their true intent behind “good causes”.
    Kind of like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  3. Dear PETA,

    — Hey, man! Don’t have a cow!
    — You’re not gonna weasel out of this one.
    — Stop wolfing your food.
    — I’ll dog your heels until you stop monkeying around.
    — He’s as timid as a mouse and when he’s scared his voice gets husky and his arms get chicken skin.

  4. I’ll change when pigs fly or it stops raining cat and dogs.
    Making fun of PETA is like shooting fish in a barrel.

  5. Handy Deplorable

    For every one they save, I’ll kill and eat three.

    That sounds vaguely like a lyric from an old Beatle’s song.


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