Well, someone isn’t happy about Beto joining the race

Patriot Retort:

Look out behind you, Kamala!

You’re not the news media’s darling anymore.

Poor Kamala Harris.  She started out in January certain that she was the media’s candidate. They gushed over her vapid campaign announcement speech back on MLK Day.  And it looked like the media had made their choice.

Hell, even I thought the fix was in.

But then Beto joined the race.

And Kamala’s time as the media’s chosen one came to an abrupt end.

Guess the gals won’t be clothes shopping with you anymore, Kamala.  They’ll be too busy begging their bosses to let them move to Beto’s campaign.

I mean why try on ugly-ass jackets with Kamala when you can make goo-goo eyes at the “rock star?”

Right Paula Faris?

15 Comments on Well, someone isn’t happy about Beto joining the race

  1. Beto’s heiress wife better keep one eye on Paula Faris.

    I think we’ve seen this movie before… John Edward’s love child.

    Find someone who looks at you the way the MSM looks at Beto.
    Especially Paula! Good grief!

  2. ‘buffing his balls and waxing his ass.’
    And the things I pay good money for,,,
    Glad this night was suggested for forgetting the political stuff aside.

  3. Is Beto supposed to be sexy because I just don’t get it. One look at him and my ovaries shrivel. He’s gross. He’s got huge horse teeth, big ears, a philtrum that is thisclose to being a harelip, and nasty, sweaty old pit stains under his arms.

  4. Anon, I totally agree.
    It’s like the emperor’s new clothes.
    I just don’t get it.

    Oh, feel free to choose a screen name… ANYTHING but remaining anonymous.
    Yes, you can choose a screen name AND STILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS! *Sigh

  5. Last night Beta’s campaign manager had the temerity to appear on Tucker.
    Tucker eviscerated him, the manager and Beta, it was golden.

  6. The Campaign of whores and bottom dwellers lookin’ for the stash. What an unfortunate looking, and ineligible woman. Twould be fun to watch her and ValJar mud wrestle.


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