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Well, that didn’t take long

Glenn Youngkin Employs LGBT Activist Who Lobbied Georgetown To Adopt Green New Deal-Style Restrictions, Ban Fossil Fuels.

National File:
Just weeks after Glenn Youngkin was elected Governor of Virginia, conservatives are already accusing him of stabbing them in the back. His communications staff includes a skirt-wearing LGBT man who lists pronouns in his Twitter biography, and Youngkin’s transition team is led by a former Bush Administration official who is pro-Black Lives Matter.

Though Youngkin was elected during a statewide culture war as voters pushed back on the radical left’s LGBT agenda and Critical Race Theory, Joshua Marin-Mora, a member of Glenn Youngkin’s communications staff, appears to be fighting for the opposite side.

Marin-Mora lists his preferred pronouns in his Twitter biography, and even dons a skirt in photos posted online. A former Georgetown University student, openly gay Marin-Mora ran for school office in 2020 on a left-wing platform that included a Green New Deal-style partial ban on meat consumption for students. Marin-Mora also attempted to force the school to divest from fossil fuels.

As a Georgetown student, Marin-Mora was a member of the school’s Latinx Leadership Forum, a left-wing, race-based organization that supported open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the violent, Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. Despite his deep and very public involvement with the radical left, Marin-Mora was hired by the Youngkin team quickly after graduating, with a Youngkin spokesman confirming that Marin-Mora had been employed there since June.

Speaking to National File, a Youngkin spokesman insists that the Governor-elect of Virginia is indeed a conservative despite the opposing political views of those he hired.

Youngkin’s communications director Matt Wolking defended the LGBT activist, and said that Marin-Mora should be celebrated for helping to “elect a conservative” in the battleground state. Wolking characterized those who question Youngkin’s decision to hire and LGBT activist as “ignorant and foolish.” more here

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  1. It’s not even about him having gay and black and whatever employees/supporters. That’s what we want.
    But Marxist BLM, anti-straight white male shit, AND the Heritage Foundation? WTF did Youngkin promise these people?

  2. I guess he got his ideas from the other “Republican” governor of Massachusetts. The one Biden calls Charlie Parker. You know, the sassy dude who thinks he’s Liz Taylor? lol

  3. I was not fan; still not. “Bush Republican” aka democrat! Now showing his true colors as did Scott Brown a decade ago. And of course GWB! for whom I never voted.

  4. “Activist”

    That there is your warning that “Shit Ain’t Right”.

    Disappointing… and poor judgment.

  5. We know what We must do now. You, and your criminal RICO politicians started it.

    Sorry to hear about this. So are my High School graduate Buddies from Yorktown HS, in VA.

    No mercy.

    No other comment.

  6. again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and …..

    Is it any wonder i have a flat forehead

  7. Youngkin, a progressive Trojan horse might look like a Clydesdale, but it’s a disguise. The smelly libtard rainbow farts, glittery coat, cotton candy mane and tail were warning signs ignored by Republican “leadership” who kept Youngkin unvetted.

    Not even President Trump noticed Youngkin prancing around – sparkling. Now he’s Virgina’s Demwit/RINO governor.
    Have fun conservatives in Virgina getting rid of that Rainbow Blite Pony.

  8. A PR flack? That’s it?

    Give the guy his shot, a transition guy isn’t it. Sounds like the trolls are pushing this.

  9. This might be the quickest “back stabbing” in the history of back stabbing? I know we are all sinners, but we don’t have to bring demons in the tent!

    All I know is God is in control.

  10. I’m afraid this will happen in Michigan. Voters are so determined to get rid of Whitmer that they are going to vote in a liberal from Detroit.

  11. “Trust not in princes — in a son of man, For he hath no deliverance.”
    (Psalm 146:3 – YLT)

    And DEFINITELY don’t put your trust in lying, shit-weasel, greedy, corrupt, hypocritical politicians!

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I didn’t really like him but I’ve learned something the left appears to fight harder against people they secretly want.


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