Well, that’s one way to limit CO2 emissions

Patriot Retort: Aaron Herbert Doering — Climate Change expert and professor at the University of Minnesota — has been charged with attempting to strangle his fiancée.

Well, that’s one way to limit CO2 emissions – just choke the life out of someone.

Talk about commitment.  

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  1. His climate-change advocacy may have been a clever premeditated move to get celebrity support during his future murder trial. Free Doering!!

  2. He was trying to reduce her carbon footprint and she rejected his suggestions once too often. He’s going to be enrolled in Anger Goddamned Management classes before this is over.

  3. “… charged with attempting to strangle his fiancée.”

    The average man can extinguish the average woman’s life in about 90 seconds.
    This wasn’t a serious attempt.
    Thus, the charge of “attempting to strangle” rather than “strangle.”

    She probably burnt the toast or said something obscure, from which he took offense – like not praising Obola (or Schumer or Pelosi or Occasional-Cortex) highly enough. Perhaps she didn’t bow her head sufficiently when speaking their names?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. One mouth-breather at a time is not very effective….it’s going to take centralized global government to REALLY make a dent…

  5. His justification was that he thought all her queefs were emitting greenhouse gasses, and he had to put a stop to that for the good of the planet.


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