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Well, this explains those ‘suspicious packages’

h/t Snowball the Sourpuss.

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  1. “I’m back, Debbie!”
    “What took you so long, Awan?”
    “My friend Abdul took a look at those bombs you gave me to deliver and just laughed. He said they’d never harm a fly! So he rewired them and put a quarter pound of semtex in each one before we dropped them off.”

    …just a harmless fantasy…

  2. I see all this drama as made up shit anyhow, all the sudden before an election the immigrant mob the letter bombs( if they are bombs ) it’s a get out the vote effort for the democrats nothing more. All these new terms NPC took me some studying to figure that out I don’t do video games.

  3. This bomb scare has “Hillary” written all over it.

    The Democrats and especially Hillary went a little too far with their rhetoric. So now she believes she can turn the mob blame game around against Republicans.

    Very Saul Alinsky of her.
    Interesting that all of the bombs are intentional duds isn’t it?
    Very un-conservative in nature considering we have confidence in the election process.

  4. I thought maybe someone was sending these communists a copy of the US Constitution and they didn’t recognize it.

  5. We’re still gonna win.

    Just a thought. If ONE would have detonated, George Soros would have been my top choice!

  6. Each of these idiots put their own address in the Send-To portion of the label when addressing them because they’ve never actually sent a package before; that was the task of a person of color.

  7. Jerry Mandarin — That might have been good, but unfortunately Soros has a grown son he is training to follow in his foot steps.

    IMHO, some leftist did it.
    Now, all the MSM is saying (what else?) that Trump did it. Hilariously predictable.

  8. Bomb out the vote?
    So the claim is said delivery carbon unit made it past security gates, past the neighbors, past the armed, vigilant security detail, the domestic help and the certainly state of the art security system, complete with surveillance up the wazoo, but everyone appears to be fucking Sgt. Schultz – “I see nothing”.
    More propaganda from the propaganda makers.

  9. Did you guys get a good look at the photo of the ‘bomb’? It looks like there’s an ISIS flag on it. That would explain the misspelling on DWS’ address. “FLORIDS”

    Ah here it is. It’s a parody isis flag. Have mercy. lol


  10. @Loco, If I could pay for the 3000-mile flight and time it just right (perhaps eat a can of beans 1 hour before landing), I think that could happen!

  11. How many women did they throw at Trump back in 2016? I think itwas 19 or 20 before they gave up on that bullshit. Looks like we’ve got another week of Fake Bombs ahead of us before they give up on this bullshit, too.

    Are all of the endangered Dems going to get sympathy bombs? Claire McAsskill, Heinie Heilkamp? Beto, for sure. Maybe Comey?


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