“We’re Coming For Your Children”

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As initially reported by Not the Bee, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, first established in 1975, has released a new original song in which they declare they are “coming for your children.”

The verses in the song directly mock the fears of parents who attempt to keep their children away from media that pushes an LGBTQ agenda, claiming that families will not be able to protect their little ones from gay propaganda More

It seems the original YouTube video was made private soon after it was posted today. Hopefully, this post will stay up long enough for everyone to get a good viewing. Here

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  1. Judging by what we see in our schools today, they’re a lot further along than you think! Judging by what we see in our voting booths, they’ve been at it for a while!!

  2. This video is proof of what their end game was the whole time.

    First, decades ago, they pleaded for tolerance. That was granted.

    Then they increasingly demanded that you advocate for them under threat of your social, professional, or legal destruction.

    Now they seek to annihilate all remaining opposition because they are backed by the full force of the federal and many state governments. You are not.

    Repeat: this song reveals what was their goal from the very beginning. The only difference is that they don’t have to hide it anymore.

    Remember how the men of Sodom not only demanded to homosexualize two complete strangers, but threatened the one man who resisted with even worse than that?

    Is today really any different?

  3. The majority of gay men were seduced as minors by a gay adult male.

    I’m just happy that STEM degrees are way above their average IQ level.
    Having preference for a particular gender is not an accomplishment unless you are in chorus, theater or somewhere “feelings” dictate your career.

  4. 1950: Homos persecuted by heteros who believe homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle choice

    1980: Homos push back by claiming they are born as homosexuals and have no choice

    2000: Heteros persecuted by homos who believe homosexuality is a laudable lifestyle choice

  5. I’ve read in more than one place that a majority of homosexuals (male and female), who acknowledged being molested as children, admitted that if they knew they’d get away with it, would be irresistibly tempted to molest a child, thus perpetuating the cycle.

  6. I graduated high school in 1974. At that time we had two predator gay male teachers who would prey on feminine males. It was no secret among the student body and the school admin neve took action about it.
    Born that way? Bullshit. It’s reinforced child manipulation and it’s in every public school coast to coast.

  7. Like democrats and moslems, putting them in fear of their life by making a few examples of their kind will save a lot of trouble in the end, but who wants to make the first pitch?

  8. We should all just convert to Islam. Then we could push back against these faggot motherfuckers and nobody would stop us.

    When the tide turns in this country, God help the faggots and the blacks. I don’t think that will be fair nor right, but the bow string has been pulled back way too taught already.

  9. @ mickey moussaoui JULY 8, 2021 AT 8:33 AM

    STEM is now STEAM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math in many public school systems. The left bastardizes and destroys everything they touch.

  10. Video unavailable
    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.

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