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We’re From the International Community and We’re Here to Help

Frontpage: How the Clintons, the UN and Oxfam trashed Haiti.

“I’ve always felt the nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help,” Ronald Reagan famously said. But the most terrifying words in every other language are, “We’re from the international community and we’re here to help.”

In Haitian Creole that would be, “Nou soti nan kominote entènasyonal la e nou isit la pou ede.”

When an earthquake hit Haiti in ’10, everyone who was anyone in the international community quickly showed up. Bill Clinton had been appointed as the UN Special Envoy for Haiti a year earlier where he had touted the “unique opportunities for public and private investment” in Haiti. The earthquake opened up those opportunities to Clinton Foundation donors.

A year later, Bill Clinton was touting a $45 million new hotel owned by an Irish cell phone tycoon who was a close pal as the only thing a country with a million homeless needed. A CNN puff piece claimed that the hotel would house “aid workers, potential investors and other visitors”. Like Anderson Cooper, who needs someplace to take a hot shower after standing waist deep in water for 5 minutes on camera.

Haiti was a gold mine for the Clintons. Literally. Hillary’s brother was added to the board of a small company that got a gold mining permit at half the standard rates with a 25 year renewal option. Tony, Hillary’s brother, is a college dropout who had worked as a repo man and a prison guard.

The Clintons not only turned a disaster into a slush fund, but even got Hillary’s idiot brother a gig.

But inflicting the Clintons on Haiti wasn’t the worst thing that the United Nations did to the impoverished island. The worst thing that the UN can do to any country is send in the blue helmets.  MORE HERE

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  1. we have been living with “human nature” for millions of years, yet we always act surprised when we see it first hand.

    take God out of the civic sphere and watch charities becomes crime rings and schools become death zones.

    how’s that fake separation of church and state going for you ?

  2. Certainly no fan of the Clintons and hopeful that justice will finally catch up with them. But curious that George Bush gets only a brief mention in the article. He and Bill Clinton worked together on the Haiti relief effort. Is Bush clean, or is he being protected because exposing him wouldn’t fit the narrative?

  3. Re Bush, I have followed Haiti for a while, I have not seen any reports of Bush profiting from work in Haiti. Does not mean it did not happen.

  4. Hey, folks, this is an absolute MUST-SEE:
    “POVERTY, INC.” now playing on NetFlix
    This blows open the devastation CAUSED by international relief efforts in Haiti, Africa, and elsewhere. FASCINATING!!!! Even my wife and son couldn’t stop watching. Go see it!

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