President Trump SIGNED the Act passed by Congress to FUND MARS MISSION.

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Transition Authorization Act of 2017, the first comprehensive NASA authorization passed by Congress in more than six years. The bill demonstrates strong bipartisan support for our Nation’s space program and helps ensure that NASA remains at the forefront of exploration and discovery.
“With this legislation, we support NASA’s scientists, engineers, astronauts and their pursuit of discovery,” said President Trump during a signing ceremony at the White House. “America’s space program has been …

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25 Comments on WE’RE GOING TO MARS!

  1. Pretty sad when we are relying on the Russians
    to take our astronauts into space and the Chinese
    are making great strides in their efforts.

    Thanks nobama.

  2. We should stop all this going to mars crap.
    If we eliminated all this crap in space we could buy healthcare
    For everyone
    We went to the moon. Let’s stop now.

  3. Call me unexcited about my tax $$$$$$$ going for a space mission to Mars. What is our ROI going to be? Experiments on human reactions to weightlessness? We’ve done that. Another big ticket $$$$$$$$ item. I thought Trump was going to try to save us some dough. This will be a massive expenditure with essentially nothing in it for the taxpayer, except an expense. If China wants to send a man to Pluto, good for them, I won’t start crying and be hurt that China got there first. Don’t we have more immediate problems directly in our faces and neighborhoods that are going to cost a ton, and for which this $$$ would be better spent? ‘murica!!

  4. must be easier to go to mars than build a wall on the southern border and stop the illegal immigration which is preying on our women and children.

    build the wall ! do it for the children !

  5. In the late 60’s we were in space making discoveries. Since then we’ve been in low earth orbit making repairs.

    NASA may not be the right choice. They are the definition of hide bound lockstep. They make five year studies of ten year plans.

    I would like to see a younger generation interested in something other than their Iphone. Been too long since we imagined and dared.

  6. NASA gave us silly putty, velcro, dried ice cream, and a square peg in a round hole. Life is complete. I can’t think of what they would come up with next.

  7. Best news I seen in years!! I thought back in 1969 that we would be on Mars by 2000, ……………but NO……… Johnson had to start the Great Society….. otherwise called “Feed and Breed” in Detroit!! Look where that got us……..

  8. It’s kind of a Nationalistic jam… I’m ok with it. Loved the Apollo Missions as a kid. Bet Trump did too.

  9. Gosh, if we want to explore a barren, lifeless, cold and deserted place, why not just take a trip through Maxine Water’s head? Whole lot cheaper.

  10. Teflon was discovered by accident in the late 30’s. Was used in the Manhattan project.

    It’s a huge waste of money to plant the flag. A permanent settlement will never be self sufficient due to atmosphere and temp. How about retiring some debt before treasury rates reach 5% and bankrupts the country?

  11. BTW, the peak of the Baby Boom is eligible for Social Security and Medicare in 5 years. The Federal budget will be in a world of hurt with Obama size deficits for as long as they live (about 30-35 years).

  12. What? … The primary mission for NASA is no longer creating propaganda about AGW/Climate Change and the importance of Muslim contributions to science.

    With that mission history I have doubts NASA still employees leaders who have integrity and a drive for excellence . Where failure is not an option. Grown to old and inflexible with a big head about accomplishments achieved during the heyday of the organization.

    Locally the movie Hidden Figures had a long run.
    Don’t know if that indicates interest in seeing NASA do great things again or just respect for / interest in past deeds or if the long run was just a local thing because one of the main characters was from the state where I live.

  13. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the space program also gave us integrated circuits, microprocessors, etc. in the effort to lighten the weight of rockets.

  14. “HUGE waste of $.”

    Just about all high tech innovation was spurred on by either Military or Space dollars. Anything from cell phones to microwave ovens had it’s origins form the military/NASA.

  15. Obola always had a mission to Uranus …

    I’d rather spend money on a Mars mission than on welfare, illegal-alien-invading-rat-people, or the European Union (Foreign Aid).

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. If mankind wants to survive the inevitable next mass extinction, whether by comet, asteroid, supervolcano, ice age, or whatever, he’d better start thinking about figuring out ways to get some of his species off of this mudball before it happens.

    Otherwise the next dominant species on Earth (cockroaches, maybe?) will be studying our fossil bones just like we do the dinosaurs, and wondering if our brains were large enough to form intelligent thoughts.


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