Were the rank and file FBI agents unaware the fix was in for Hillary?


Patriot Retort:

I’m going to indulge in some conjecture.

After I finished the previous post, I got to thinking about that unexpected turn of events back on October 28, 2016 when James Comey announced that he was reopening the Hillary email investigation.

Clearly Comey was in on the plan to give Hillary a pass on her illegal activity.

So it bears asking why?

Why on earth would he risk everything to publicly announce that the FBI was going to do another lookie-loo at Hillary’s emails?

And this is where the conjecture comes in.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure. I am not saying this is what happened. And I’m not trying to pass off conjecture as fact.

I am, as they say, positing a scenario — and only positing a scenario.

So now that we’re clear, let the conjecture begin.

Remember why Comey revisited this investigation two weeks before the election.

The agents investigating Anthony Weiner on a totally unrelated crime stumbled across State Department emails on his laptop.

If I had to guess, I’d say these rank and file investigators were completely unaware of the fact that the FBI higher ups had fixed the outcome of Hillary’s investigation.

So when they found these emails, they immediately ran them up the chain of command to James Comey. They had no reason to suspect that this standard operating procedure would put Comey in a difficult position.

How would they? The rank and file FBI was not aware that the fix was in.

But it did put Comey in a difficult position.  KEEP READING

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  1. Defund the whole shebang, bar everyone from ever getting a govt security clearance again and start the same process on the next unconstitutional bureaucratic cesspool. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

  2. always wondered about Comey coming out with that so close to the election … very plausible conjecture there Dianny

    @Zhytamyr ~ nice ‘Aliens’ reference

  3. Makes sense since I didn’t see many testimonials from rank & file FBI agents regarding their anger over Comey being fired.

  4. Me and my pals are good with guns. And my point is me and my pals are good with guns. I’m tired of this shit. Pull that smoke wagon. Fuck the FBI

  5. Dianny is almost right. Comey and co. grabbed the case in order to remove it from the NYPD. To do that they had to pretend to be re-opening it.

  6. It’s been reported that most of the rank and file FBI agents are registered democrats, somewhere around +90%. And don’t forget charming lads like Lon Horiuchi. I don’t trust any of them till they show me otherwise and then only maybe.

  7. And the good people of Auschwitz had no idea what was going on just down the railroad tracks, either. Janitor has it right.

  8. The “rank and file” knew and are, obviously, cowards.

    This is exactly how the NKVD (Cheka, OGPU, &c.) of the Soviet Union and the ORPO, SD, and Gestapo of National Socialist Germany cowed the cowards of those organizations to the extremities to which they are known.

    Perform a criminal deed and make the cowards complicit by their silence, which is tacit consent. This is how you get (otherwise) decent people to beat the snot out of someone tied to a chair, or put a bullet in the back of his neck, or round up “enemies of the state” and murder them, en masse.

    There are no outstanding characters of integrity or selflessness in the whole sordid history of the FBI or DoJ.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I’m not so persuaded. A note from ‘on high’ back down to those field agents that higher was aware of Huma’s activities and was already being addressed would have put the kibosh on that sideshow.

    Likeways with the NYPD. Tell them what they found was Federal jurisdiction and already in progress, and they didn’t have clearance to even view those emails.

    Wouldn’t this be much simpler?

  10. I think it was the NYPD who came across the Weiner shit, gave it to the FBI and stepped away. Now, in my lifetime I’ve known a couple of FBI agents. They play golf, drink beer, break balls; just like cops, but they don’t talk much about what’s going on. They certainly don’t conduct themselves like that fucking asshole Strzok. I’d say the
    rank and file are pissed off
    Keyboard freezing again, fuckit.

  11. @Tim January 28, 2018 at 8:51 am

    > This is how you get (otherwise) decent people

    Your argument would mean that “they” can be “cured” (“reformed”, whatever your political persuasion prefers for “re-educated”).

    Uncle Ernie diddles kids. He may have the greatest road trip stories. He may brew the greatest brews. He may even be your favorite uncle. None of that changes his kiddie diddling. And nothing will change his kiddie diddling. You can say you’d rather a fun kiddie diddling uncle, than to be alone. That’s your moral choice. But saying he’s so much more than just a kiddie diddler (even if true) is just an attempt to convince everyone else that you’re a Good™ person because you’d rather a fun kiddie diddling uncle, than to be alone.

    They’re not just following orders. They demanded the titles they wield. They demand to be paid for what they do. They are what they are.

  12. Anonymous,
    Jesus offers every man redemption. OFFERS. Redemption is based on contrition. One must be sincerely contrite in the repudiation of sin and the rejection of evil. “Re-education” is not part of the picture.
    I believe that there are cowardly people who can do evil because they don’t want to be “left out” or ridiculed for softness – even though they might not initiate evil, themselves.
    Many will pull the trigger on another to save himself – at least if History is a guide – and I guess the “rank-and-file” of the FBI averted their eyes and shuffled on down the corridor hoping that no one recognized them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. @Tim January 28, 2018 at 1:40 pm

    > Many will pull the trigger on another to save himself – at least if History is a guide – and I guess the “rank-and-file” of the FBI averted their eyes and shuffled on down the corridor hoping that no one recognized them.

    Prisoners. Slaves. Draftees. Amongst the victims of Great™ men, victimizing others, hiding behind others’ evil has a long and Glorious™ history.

    When the Great™ men put up a sign, offering silver to those that will beat the Great™ men’s prisoners, slaves, whose evil will the “volunteers” (those who “volunteer” to be paid) hide behind?

  14. Prisoners. Slaves. Draftees.
    Not really the same as “Willing Participant” are they?
    Are the “volunteers” of the Great men volunteering through a desire to beat and kill the Great men’s enemies, or are they volunteering to preserve their own (and perhaps their family’s) lives? Is that more evil than cowardly? Or more cowardly than evil? The “volunteers” are just as realistically the slaves and prisoners of the Great men as those who suffer – and the executioners, likewise, will suffer. Evil feeds on evil. The need for victims never ends.
    “The more innocent they are, the more they deserve to die.”
    (Brecht, commenting on the mass murders by Stalin)
    Oh, Really?
    “Uncommon Valor Was a Common Virtue.”
    But is this necessarily true amongst the general populations of oppressed people? Or was it only true of well-trained men acting in concert?

    The beaters and the executioners can hide behind whatever lies they choose because when their time comes to be beaten and executed, that beater and executioner will be crying that he’s “just following orders” while taking a certain amount of glee in the cries and deaths of the tormented.

    When all is said and done, the cry of Liberty is: “Just leave me the Fuck alone!”
    And the Forces of Evil will not:
    “You may not be interested in the Modern State, but the Modern State is certainly interested in YOU.”
    (Trotsky (I think))

    izlamo delenda est …

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