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Were we interested in Kellyanne Conway in a Bathing Suit?

The Daily Mail seems to think so. It’s there TOP STORY!!!

Okay. I’ll play. Here goes—>

She’s 49 and looks like a normal human being. Now what?


I guess everything about the Trump administration is going to get scrutiny and airtime. EVERYTHING.

Bring it on.

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  1. All you need to know about “#FakeNews” is that scratch and sniff Moochell Obama was photoshopped and airbrushed and put on every cover of every liberal rag as a beautiful woman, even more beautiful than Jackie Kennedy. Now they search out bad photos of Trump advisers and body shame them. What a bunch of bullies! I guess they judge Kelly by the color of her skin, not the content of her character.

  2. I love how they comment on the hotel rates she may have paid. With her OWN earned money. The shame of it all, not living off tax payers, ill gotten donations or charity funds.

  3. Even for dirtbag libs I think the media is way to intrusive. It’s time for an alt-media effort to expose the lives of the establishment media. Can you imagine how they would squeal.

  4. We should demand pictures of the perfect people that are running this story. I bet they’re just HOT! The left needs to be eradicated. They’re polluting the gene pool.

  5. I love this pic of KAC in her bathing suit.


    It shows she’s enjoying some really well deserved relaxation after dispensing with the Clinton Slime Syndicate. Wishing her all the best! Good on ya, Kellyanne!!!

  6. Brilliant lady. She sure as hell knows here own mind. She just kicked every Libs ass. I never once judged her on how her damn hips look. Maybe I’m old. Actually I know I’m old.

  7. Okay, who the fuck is Kellyanne and why should I be paying attention to this bint who’s never been in the public spotlight till what, 3 – 4 days ago? Is she a news reporter? Is she a British Page 3 cunt? Is she the rare blonde Kardashian? Who the fuck IS she?

  8. Corona, sometimes I read your post thinking this ass hole lives in a cave and plays with his navel all day long. And just now you proved it.

  9. Proof that Trump associates with worthwhile people.
    At 49 this woman looks good in a bathing suit. The
    majority of Americans do not. This shows this woman
    has standards and a work ethic which is what is required
    to look this good at that age.

  10. Oh whatever. I live in Alaska away from the hum, don’t have TV, I confess I need more time with other grown ups and too much of my time is spent with my face stuck in research pages of an era 1,000 years ago.

    I still manage to know who Kellyanne Conway is and sorry but that “who is this dumb bint” is not only ignorant and annoying, but lazy AF. You judge someone you say you don’t know, and I suppose next you expect us to believe you are informed enough to vote?

    /rant over

  11. I like her face, she looks like a lot of fun. And i bet she would look real good in a long dress. I’d bunk with her. Wouldn’t hurt for her to take up biking, tight up those legs a bit, though.

  12. Not a bad idea. A paparazzi unit designed to go around and catch reporters (of articles like this) and take their photos to post online. Body shame them so they get a taste of their own medicine.

  13. conservative women are happy and virtuous. Happy and virtuous women of all shapes, sizes and ages look good.

    At least, they look better than the typical liberal woman.

    Put a genuine radiant smile with a loving demeanor on someone with Rosie O’s physique and it’s a whole different ball game.

    Put a bitter scowl with a deep hatred for all humanity on someone with Melania T’s physique and … you get the picture.

  14. Desperation, Jealous? What the heck kind of ‘reporting’ is that? Asinine! And MSM wonders why they have lost credibility. This 49 year old looks great! Better than big butt Kim Kardasian or her father/mother!

  15. At least some photographer made some money.
    If the Daily Mail is willing to such nonsense stories, someone may as well make a profit from them.

    And she and her husband probably paid for their own vacation.
    Unlike some people.

  16. Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway is an American Republican campaign manager, strategist, and pollster. She is president and CEO of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend, and has been a political commentator on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, and more

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