West Point graduates sign letter challenging leadership of military academy – IOTW Report

West Point graduates sign letter challenging leadership of military academy

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Several retired U.S. military officers signed a letter written by “Concerned Graduates of West Point and The Long Gray Line,” which objects to mandatory vaccinations, CRT instruction, progressivism and other “woke” sentiments in the military academy.

“We wanted to challenge the leadership of the Academy and the Defense Dept on their WOKE actions, CRT, Diversity training and the other discrepancies in the Academy,” retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, told the Epoch Times.

“We found it pervasive at the Naval and Air Force Academies so we knew it was directed from the highest levels of our Military Leadership. We all want the Military to get back on track to training and leading our Armed Forces to secure America and it’s Citizens,” he said. more

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  1. There is a vast different between adults and intelligence, just look at Washington DC.

  2. Anyone that’s been paying attention can clearly see the motivations behind this concerted well planned effort to “pussify” our fighting men of the military.

    The powers that be (Austin, Milley, and those woke globalists on the Armed Services Committee) understand where the true enemy lies. They aren’t worried about Russia, China, or even a nuclear-armed Iran, in their mind (probably rightly so) the next conflict will be with an American enemy, a well-armed citizenry that will not abide the pacification and abridgment of gun rights that is necessary to maintain their control.

    As such the new crop of soldiers, spoon-fed a study diet of American sins and the evils of a white-dominated hierarchy that has caused misery around the world, taught by woke country hating teachers, and purged of all home-schooled conservatives who were taught to think for themselves, this new batch of recruits will fear the armed citizen. Patriotism will individuality be subordinated to compliance and the collective good of our current society.

  3. “gen.” miley-cyrus & the suck-retary of no-defense: keep sucking dindu/fag/illegal alien/muslim dick & swallowing. keep wearing those crocs, loading up those pink-bullets, & reciting from those crt-memory cards in your “combat” gear.

  4. The letter was signed by “retired” military officers. The only benefit they could serve is to organize the “unwashed”.

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