‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’ Says Joe Biden

Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden doesn’t want another debate with rival Bernie Sanders.

19 Comments on ‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’ Says Joe Biden

  1. Next up, Biden claims it’s foolish to bother debating Biden any more. Once he announces his pick for VP, we’ll know who the de facto prez is gonna be because it ain’t gonna be Joe.

  2. Joe: Can I wear my Loyal Order of Buffalo hat on my next debate? It makes me look like a leader.

    Advisor: That was on the Flintstones, sir. It’s time for another nap now. We’ll wake you when the reporters go away.

  3. “Yours is not to question ‘why?’
    Yours is but to do or die.”

    Joe, since you can’t ‘do’ anything anymore, read the proverb one more time. Maybe someone can help you with that.

  4. Joey,
    That’s cuz they’re not “debates” in that you clowns actually debate one another over issues. They’re bullshit sessions where lies and prevarications rumble the rafters and a mob of barking and clapping seals egg you on.

    Neither you nor BS has offered a single honest answer to anything asked by the sickeningly sycophantic question-ask-ers who ask their glaringly contrived “questions.”

    No more are necessary. None were necessary to start with. Both of you are hate-America, nihilistic, socialist, totalitarian, thieving, conniving, lying sacks of monkey shit whose actual political positions will never be examined and explained by the ass-sucking, lying, fake media.

    So – at least on one point we’re in agreement.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. As someone vitally interested in Dementia Joe Obiden Bama’s mental decline and cognitive impairment, I demand more debates! How else is an informed electorate going to decide if Poor Joey is nearly up to the job of handling the Trump Pandemic? No Malarkey spoken here unless the teleprompter malfunctions.

  6. …IF you GET to the General…IF there IS a General…i’m pretty sure PRESIDENT Trump is going to want to have a very public word or two with you; and, if Bernie’s too much for you, well, you may want to have a seeing-eye dog nearby when DJT’s words give you a DOUBLE hyphemia this time…

  7. A previous debate summed up Joe by Joe in a single sentence,

    “I’m not going to debate politics.” -Joe.

  8. Now that all the ugly, female warthog looking candidates are gone that only leaves old foul smelling, dirty underwear Bernie’s hair to smell and Crazy Joe wants no part of that!

  9. Sanders is getting screwed over again by the Dems as well as those operating from behind the scenes. He ought to start up his campaign again to get one more debate. In that debate all the gloves come off especially Joe’ history of payoffs, graft, his family feeding off the government, his repeated stroking and touching of young women and girls, the last huge bailout that he was supposed to be in charge of to prevent theft of which he ignored or took a cut, all his crazy statements, his mental status right now, his refusal to allow independent examination of his health both physical and mental. Go after him on everything and watch the moderators try to protect him and fail. Bernie has nothing to lose and maybe now’s the time to get even for 2007 and now for 2019. He’s sure go down in history.


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