We’ve Now Had 26 Year$ Of Failed Global Warming Policie$

DAILY CALLER: It’s been 26 years since countries signed onto the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change with the goal of “stabilization” of emissions to prevent “dangerous” man-made global warming.

Every year since, diplomats have met at United Nations summits to, sometimes successfully, negotiate new treaties and agreements to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Most recently, nearly 200 nations signed onto the Paris climate accord.

The Paris accord went into effect in 2016, but after one year global emissions rose two percent, largely on economic activity in China.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that countries’ Paris accord commitments were “falling short.” The Post admitted, “The euphoria of Paris is colliding with the reality of the present.”

Also buried in WaPo’s story is the recognition that more than two decades have largely failed to meet the goals of the 1992 framework convention.  READ MORE

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  1. This bullshit is why they banned the safe and effective CFC propelled asthma inhalers and replaced them with ineffective and dangerous HFA propelled asthma inhalers. Every time I have to spend 20 minutes on a machine to breathe instead of two seconds with the old “puffer” that worked so well, I curse those global warming hoaxer sons of bitches.


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