WH Continues Using HUD to Siphon Money to Radical Leftist Groups

Judicial Watch (JW) reports that the Obama Administration is doling out $37.3 million to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the guise of ending housing discrimination.



 HUD then hands out grants to various liberal activist groups that can fund the mobilization of radicals, who then energize the ill informed.

In case you were wondering where the money comes from to fund all of these socialist grass roots organizations, JW documents the long history of the appropriation of tax payer money by this administration. 


13 Comments on WH Continues Using HUD to Siphon Money to Radical Leftist Groups

  1. How is this not corruption? And where are the elected officials who are supposed to be representing ALL Americans and not the ones who want to destroy this country? Doesn’t it make them complicit when they know about it and don’t do their jobs? Why are they even drawing a paycheck when they are obviously not doing their job?

  2. Sounds like another bureaucracy that’s NOT enumerated within the Constitution for the FedGov, that needs to be un-funded and dis-banded.

  3. you CAN foresee the Dhimmo crap congress weevils shushing and hiding this “ididndunuffinrong” criminality…and since we have had proven beyond doubt, the RINOs should be lumped in as well..no diffs. time for independent councils to start up and be given powers to indict, to issue subpoenas, and to override Liberal justices who want to go along to come along…

  4. “Sounds like someone needs to go to jail.”

    No … to the gallows.

    When will America have had enough?

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I’M an old retired white guy living on scrapes day to day and these people give away all this money just because…. I need to check out and follow my wife that went to heaven before me 🙁

  6. It’s ok to fund radical left through HUD, and it’s ok to use IRS to harass and dismantle the conservative right with impunity…where is the outcry? Does anyone care? The left is ruining our country!

  7. Our local City Council is getting into this act as well.

    The City is putting a ballot measure up in November to try and impose a property tax of .36 cents per thousand of value on homeowners for 6 years, to raise $42 Million so the City Council can go into the low-income housing development business. Up front they claim on 6 percent (or so) will be for “Administrative” fees, whatever that entails.

    Hopefully it goes down in flames but around these parts of the Pacifist Northwest one can never tell for certain….

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